When my husband was 17, he had just gotten his driver’s license and was relishing in his newfound freedom behind the wheel, just as a little fly started buzzing by his face. Next thing you know – 5 car pile up.

When I got my license, I was driving while on the phone, blasting Britney Spears, and eating a meatball sub. I rear ended a guy who was probably a pedophile rapist. He told me not to worry about the damage to his car. Instead, I could model bathing suits for a photo shoot he was doing for pre-teens and teens. He told me to meet him in an open field that was about 40 minutes from my house (and civilization). Moments like those were when I was most grateful to have a cop for a dad.

I could hear my dad from the other room, seething on the phone with the creepo,”You messed with the wrong girl, you friggin’ scum bag.”

There’s a great app out called “Politix” and one of the recent polls asked, “Is age 16 too young to get a driver’s license?” The next question asked if the drinking age should be lowered to 18.

These questions, when brought into the political realm, are tricky for Republicans to answer. Republicans fight for small government, except when it comes to social issues. Pure-bred Republicans want the government to stay out of their lives, but still regulate drug use, marriage, etc. Morality is all tied up in the conservative viewpoint because our country was founded on the Bible, and many conservatives are Christians.

But, what about these fringe issues like banning super-sized soda pop and lowering the drinking age? Conservatives can go both ways on issues like this. You’ll hear some say that we should legalize marijuana because the government shouldn’t be able to decide what we put in our bodies. Others will protest, saying that marijuana is harmful and lends itself to a more amoral society and that legalizing would lead to more corruption, so we need to keep it illegal.

I think I’m more libertarian when it comes to the fringe topics. The less government interference we have, the better. Who does Obama think he is to be setting your curfew or telling you how many Root Beers you can drink? That’s re-donk-ulous.

Now, don’t get me started on actual moral issues like abortion. It is insane to me that abortion is legal and that it’s even a conversation in the political world. Abortion is not political and all parties should be vehemently opposed to it.

But, soda pop? Driver’s licenses? Come on! I don’t want the government to lower the drinking age, because drinking is destructive. I don’t want the government to lower the age for driver’s license’s, because the “older, wiser” 17-year-olds are causing enough buzzing-insect and meatball-sub related accidents, as it is!

But, here’s my thinking. Teenagers should have rules and curfews and restrictions – set by their PARENTS. Not Michelle Obama. This is a huge problem with our country. It’s the reason we see so many mass shootings and violence around every street corner. This generation of parents has entrusted the most important job ever – parenting- to the government. A larger than necessary portion of our country depends on the government to feed, instruct, and discipline their kids. It ain’t working. Kids need boundaries set by loving parents. Not the Obamas.

Am I all for legal marijuana and lower drinking ages and 16-year-olds behind wheels? Heck no. I’m for keeping our laws simple – the way they were outlined in that brilliantly written document that our country was founded on – the Constitution. Congress should be focusing on what’s important right now – like our massive debt and our constitution-violating President. They don’t have time to draft laws purposed to give 16-year-old’s the thrill of the open road 12 months sooner.

We don’t need to be fighting to ADD liberties or restrictions. We need to protect the liberties that we have – liberties that we are giving away to the government. Freedom of speech. Freedom of religion. Right to bear arms.

It almost seems as if the administration is trying to distract us. They are working tirelessly – passing 3,000+ page bills that remove our rights when it comes to health care, to religion, to gun rights. Yet, all the while, they are “giving us” new rights – rights to smoke pot – rights to gay marriage – rights to drink- rights to abort babies -rights to go absolutely crazy in our carnality.

Thomas Jefferson said, “A government big enough to give you everything you want, is a government big enough to take away everything that you have.”

Rights are not the government’s to give OR take away. Right now, the government is doing both. They are taking away our fundamental rights and replacing them with “rights” that are destructive to our society.

The worst part is, they are taking rights that half our country is freely giving.

It is not empowering and makes no sense for Daddy O to provide you with everything you have. Don’t you want to be an independent, self-respecting adult who can take care of yourself? It starts in the home. Parents need to be the ones to teach their kids right from wrong -to tell them how old they have to be when they go on their first date. My dad, the cop, was standing in the driveway by his police car at 10:59, when I got home from my first date. My curfew was 11. He set the ground rules. He put bread on the table. He bought me my first cell phone. Why? Because it’s his job and because he loves me. Uncle Sam doesn’t love you. Uncle Sam wants to control you. Don’t let him.