Any delusions that President Obama and the Left in this country only want to protect people by taking away bad guys’ guns should be dispelled by Obama’s latest executive orders on guns.

Completely bypassing Congress yet again, the president on Thursday ordered an end to the practice of re-importing U.S. military surplus guns by collectors, unless they happen to be a museum.

He also ordered that guns can no longer be registered to corporations, which avoid background checks.

Clearly, the “on the ball” (or on something in any case) president is going after that deadly criminal element here.

There is a brisk business re-importing surplus arms that the government has given or sold to allies, but most are strictly collectors items, often 50 years or older. Some are genuine antiques.

Businesses, meanwhile, typically might register firearms that are used by security personnel.

Luckily, Obama is there to stop these horrible criminals.

Something simply had to be done about those renegade corporations and their bands of lawless privateers. Police officers across the land have been dropping like flies under the unwavering criminal assault of the infamous smugglers Captain Blood, Jack Sparrow and their respective bands of flintlock-toting rapscallions.

And I for one can sleep easier knowing that we aren’t allowing Winchester rifles into the country, or that some accountant will be held responsible for Citibank’s guards’ weapons.

If Obama really wanted to stop crime, he might ask his buddy Eric Holder to do something about the Mexican drug cartels that keep re-importing the guns we gave them during that clever Fast and Furious operation.

Or better yet, let Sheriff Joe take charge of the nation’s law enforcement, restore the original meaning of “militia” by arming adults, and let the American people take back their country from the criminals.

That will never happen because Obama knows he’d be on that list of criminals himself.