A few days ago we got news that another leader of Al-Qaida was killed by the superiority of American Defense; albeit it was on the offence when the killing happened.  I would not be a US Patriot if I did not feel somewhat good about the death of the terrorist. Even though this is good news for the preservation of our country, something uneasy has been bothering me about this. Over these last few days of listening and thinking, something finally hit home as to why I really do not ‘feel too good’ about Obama killing a US Citizen; Obama does not value our US Constitution, American citizenship or our laws and let me explain why!

We can celebrate Barak Obama authorizing the killing of terrorists like Osama bin Laden. He was a true terrorists and bin Laden did not know America and was not from America. Bin Laden wanted to destroy our country and proved it with the attacks on the World Trade Center Towers. Celebrating his demise seemed poetic justice after 9/11 happened.

The question today is “As a nation, how should we feel about our President determined to kill American Citizens without due-process of our Laws?” What if we were marching on Washington, DC because Obama refuses to leave office after a terrible defeat in 2012 and he unleashes DRONES on us? Tell me PATRIOT, in the mind of OBAMA, what is the difference? I am not saying ‘your mind,’ I specifically am referring to HIS mind; Obama. Here is justification in the mind of Obama, “In Sept 2011, I deliberately killed a United States Citizen in Yemen, and there was no out-crying for DUE PROCESS for that citizen! So, why not kill a bunch who is trying to throw me out of office because they too are trying to also take down America.” Can you NOT see this from his point of view?

Do not take me wrong, getting rid of anyone trying to do harm to America is a very good thing. What bothers me is how we get rid of them should depend upon who they are; or does it matter? I am asking you America, tell me, why should you NOT care that this citizen was deliberately silenced of his 1st Amendment rights? Again, tell me why he deserved to be executed without “due-process” in support of our US Constitutional Laws? He was a United States Citizen; more so than Obama.

I believe that it is a mistake to give Barak Obama a pass for deliberately killing a United States Citizen without trying to capture him, interrogate him and cause him to turn in others whom he was associating with. I feel very badly Obama has little regard for our US Constitution and our Laws anyway. Obama has proven this over and over again by his Executive Orders that are deliberately by-passing Congress. He has empowered the EPA, Department of Education, and Energy to take control of critical aspects of our Laws that will crush our freedom. Obama has shown little regard to helping free enterprise and capitalistic endeavors that has built America into what it is because of his Socialists mentality. The bottom line is that Obama does NOT care one bit about what it means to be an American Citizen because he is NOT ONE. How could he care?

Now, we are in a situation, where our technology can strike decisive blows to an enemy. The question is, “WHO IS THE ENEMY of OBAMA?” This is why I am uneasy about the deliberate killing of an American Citizen no matter what he has said or who he has called his friends. What if my friends and those who I associate with are also deemed by Obama to be against the US? Without due process, Obama can swoop in with a DRONE and kill us all just because I was exercising my 1st and 2nd Amendment rights? How can we sit back and celebrate this killing when the next target could be ourselves?

We are United States Citizens and under the US Constitution we are protect and are allowed specific unalienable rights as FREE PEOPLE. It does not say “only if…” does this apply to us. Let us wake up and be happy that a TERRORISTS can no longer plan attacks against us. Let us also wake up to the fact, that a fellow citizen was deliberately targeted and killed by our Socialist President.

I am asking you American Citizen, right now, does this really make you happy?