Mitt Romney isn’t exactly my cup of tea, and loyal readers know this. But my readers are quite civilized and know that tea is served properly with silver spoons.

Not wooden spoons. And not earthenware spoons fit for turnips and onions. But silver spoons. Order afternoon tea at any fine hotel and you will see that they bring you silver spoons.

The silver spoon is for stirring, lightly, without clanking against the wall of the thin china cup. It is not a battle-ax to dismember your enemy, leaving his bones and meat upon the ground as you make speeches about civility. It is not a stiletto, for quick work unrecognized until it is too late.

It is a spoon.

But President Barack Obama, cruelly and foolishly, wielded a silver spoon in an attack on Romney. His was a thrusting motion, and that lunge revealed something desperate about our president, something unseemly. I remember Obama as a younger man who said he wanted to transcend the broken politics of the past. Now what he wants is a second term.

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