President Obama and the Democrats are beginning their slashing and burning of our economy, and liberal supporters’ best reaction is to call for a boycott of Papa John’s Pizza chain.

This takes some background to understand, because even for liberals it’s uncommonly convoluted.

For starters, there’s the impending tax increase of Obamacare, which few small businesses can afford, then there’s that “fiscal cliff” that we will fall off of if the Bush tax policy is allowed to expire, creating $7 trillion in tax hikes and spending cuts over 10 years for everyone.

Among the cuts will probably be defense spending, Medicare reimbursements to doctors and extended unemployment benefits. In addition, the debt ceiling will almost certainly have to be raised next year, setting up the U.S. for another drop in its credit rating.

Obama has met with CEOs of large companies who made major contributions to his re-election campaign and been warned about the impending disaster and the deep recession it would cause.

But the Man Who Would Be King has shown little real interest in finding a real solution. Publicly, he has offered to work with congressional Republicans to resolve the impending crisis his policies have set up.

However, his opening offer to speaker of the House John Boehner was to demand $1.6 trillion in new tax revenues. In previous negotiations, in the summer of 2011, Boehner had agreed to $800 billion in new tax revenues, without actually raising taxes. The White House had appeared ready to agree until Obama killed the deal by demanding an additional $400 billion.

His current demand is $400 billion above that.

There is speculation that Obama wants to use his re-election as leverage to force Boehner to agree to higher tax rates, not just revenues, a move that would likely provoke a revolt among Republicans and end Boehner’s speakership.

Meanwhile, Obama has also met with and others of his most extremist supporters to reassure them that he wants to raise taxes and cow the GOP.

What this all means for small businesses is that they’re screwed, pardon my french, because no one in Washington takes very seriously the devastation that will likely be visited on the U.S. economy very soon.

To prepare, more and more businesses across the country are laying off employees, cutting costs and passing along cost increases to customers.

This is where Papa John’s Pizza enters the picture. Like other small businesses, Papa John’s has to be able to pay its employees. With the impending tax increases-slash-fines of Obamacare alone, that means the pizza chain needs to cut back the hours of its full-time employees to avoid some of the additional costs.

In the Church of Liberalism, this is a triple sin because Papa John’s owner John Schnatter is a) dissing Obamacare, b) hurting the workers Obamacare was “intended” to help and c) rich, due to his hard work in building a successful business.

The liberals are just beside themselves because their first instinct is to boycott, but somebody pointed out that would either just hurt the workers more or totally backfire like the Chick-fil-A protests did. They have condemned Schnatter’s business decisions as political.

Tommy Christopher, a reporter for the liberal, said on MSNBC recently, “For those of us who supported health care reform, and those of us who will pay for it, Schnatter’s real crime is not thanking us for the millions of dollars we’re saving him.”