These terrorists got a hero’s welcome.
Check it out:

President Obama’s claim Tuesday that the U.S. would “be keeping eyes” on five hardened Taliban leaders traded for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl’s freedom was immediately challenged by a Middle East official quoted as saying they’d actually be allowed to move freely — and even “go back to Afghanistan if they want to.

The source, identified as a senior Gulf official, reportedly told Reuters that the five Taliban members would not be treated like prisoners while staying in Qatar, where they were released. Rather, they’d be allowed to “move around freely” in the country and then be allowed to travel outside Qatar after one year.”


Don’t these fellas know who Obama is? If he says so, then it is to be so. Gee, I guess those Qataris didn’t get the memo or in Obama’s case, the hashtag.

ABC US News | ABC International News

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