Once again President Obama has proven who the world leader is and who is the pansy in mom jeans.  Obama loves all the tough talk and rhetoric but he is really upset with Vladimir Putin for running Russia the way Obama would like to run the United States: as a dictator with a spine. Comparing Obama and Putin you get Pee Wee Herman on a bike (Obama) versus a strong, tough leader on a horse (Putin).  What happened to this president saying he was going to restore respect for the United States in the International community?  Instead we see another example of how the Obama apology tour failed to impress world leaders and was perceived as a sign of weakness and lack of leadership.  The ineptness of this president has caused the stature of the United States to slip further into the outhouse.  If Obama really wanted to get Putin’s attention he would threaten to leave Joe Biden and John Kerry in Moscow and sign Putin up for Obamacare.

For all the religious quoting of this administration and its talking heads they missed the Golden rule which states “Treat others the way you want to be treated.” This is sound advice to live by.  Instead they want to treat others their way and remain exempt from retribution.  Watching the Obama administration respond to receiving the same treatment that they have been giving the American people is entertaining.  The administration was upset with Putin forcing his will on the country of Ukraine, calling it “,,,unfair and not listening to the people.” That’s rich.  The very issues they are complaining about were just fine with them until the shoe was on the other foot.  Bullying, intimidation, spying, reckless spending, forcing their will on people instead of listening to them; these are all actions the administration has complained about recently but had no problem inflicting on the American people.  The only time they seem to take issue with bullying is when someone is doing it to them.

Senator Diane Feinstein is right to complain about the CIA spying on the Senate but she had no problem with the US o live by.  shoe was on the other f government’s warrantless spying on the American people.  Lois Lerner had no problem stomping on the US Constitution as she used the IRS to go after the Obama administration’s perceived enemies, but was quick to hide behind her constitutional rights when going before Congress.  The administration is decrying Putin’s intimidation of opponents but had no problem with the IRS intimidating Americans.  The State Department is complaining about the ballot used in the election to see if Crimea should succeed from the Ukraine having no option for a No vote, but the administration saw no problem forcing Obamacare on the American people and sees no problem with the president using his “pen and phone” to force new rules and regulations on the American people without no vote.  The unilateral decision making regarding which laws to enforce and what new rules to impose has brought us closer to the national legalization of pot, the destruction of the traditional family, and the moral decay of our military as well as the destruction of morale among our troops.

About two years ago the DNC Chairperson called for The Republican National Committee Chair, Reince Priebus, to apologize for his remarks on Meet the Press, where he compared President Obama to the Italian cruise ship captain who abandoned his ship rather than stay with it and lead the people to safety after the tragic accident.  The Left felt his comments were insensitive, but I guess the truth hurts as today the comments seem prophetic.   The RNC Chair’s words were more accurate than even he realized as the President has effectively taken our world standing which was pretty sound, the economy that was ailing, our credit rating which was good, and our healthcare that needed some adjustments and scuttled it all by running it upon the rocks.  Sadly all the missteps have been fueled by his massive ego coupled with a complete lack of leadership ability.  To make matters worse, just like the captain who ran away after the incident, instead of leading by making some tough decisions Obama prefers to be on vacation, on the golf course, campaigning, or anywhere else instead of being in Washington where he can be held responsible for his incompetence.  What is important to Obama is golfing, fundraising, vacationing and watching movies instead being in the National Security briefs or doing his job. His slothfulness and desire for celebrity, while hosting multiple and White House parties, is overshadowed by his cries of “income inequality” while millions of Americans are still out of work.   Is it then a coincidence that Obama’s actions send the world financial markets down but Putin’s comments ignoring US sanctions settled the markets?

What is sure is that Obama has been successful in undoing 200+ years of world leadership and sending this nation into a downhill slide.  His celebrity life free of leadership, responsibility, with no international respect is filled with hollow threats for our adversaries, and has reignited the Cold War, making this world a much more dangerous place.