Muslim fanatics are attacking our embassies and killing American personnel, but Barack Obama refuses to say these are acts of war.  Instead he refers to terrorist attacks aimed at America as instances of “domestic violence,” nothing more than when a drunk beats his wife.  The truth is that President Obama is making war on America instead of terrorists.  David Limbaugh has a new book out titled The Great Destroyer in which he chronicles the various ways President Obama is making war on all of the things that made America great.  It is a worthwhile if disturbing read for conservatives.

Here are just some of the wars President Obama is waging against America as exposed by David Limbaugh: war on the Right, war on anyone who disagrees with him, war on the economy, war on American culture and traditional values, war on oil, war on natural energy sources, war on business, war on National security, war on guns, war on the dignity of the presidency, and war on the future of America.  In The Great Destroyer, Limbaugh writes: “It is my hope that the sheer volume and nature of Obama’s misdeeds documented herein will shock the conscience of fair readers and demonstrate the gravity of the condition in which America now finds itself after nearly four years of his socialistic and lawless behavior and underscore the urgency that he be defeated in 2012.” I agree with Limbaugh, but am concerned that many of Obama’s supporters do not read.

Obama has clearly become an “imperial president” with a propensity for exceeding the powers of his office to force his leftwing agenda on unwilling Americans.  In fact, Obama’s imperial attitude toward the presidency rivals that of King George about whom Thomas Jefferson wrote in the Declaration of Independence: “The history of the present King of Great Britain is a history of repeated injuries and usurpations, all having in direct object the establishment of an absolute Tyranny over these states.”  Jefferson could have been writing about Barack Obama.

Examples of Obama’s imperial approach to the presidency abound. According to Matthew Spalding, author of “Morning Bell: Imperial Presidency” for the Heritage Foundation, “We now see before us a persistent pattern of disregard for the powers of the legislative branch in favor of administrative decision-making without—and often in spite of—congressional action.  This violates the spirit—and potentially the letter—of the Constitution’s separation of the legislative and executive powers of Congress and the President.”

Here are just a few examples Spalding provides of President Obama’s willing circumvention of the elected representatives of the American people: 1) In spite of the Democrat controlled Senate’s rejection of his cap-and-trade plan, Obama’s EPA still classified carbon dioxide—the compound that sustains vegetable life—as a pollutant, 2) Because he disagrees with the current laws governing the use of marijuana, Obama’s Department of Justice simply refuses to enforce the laws, 3) Although Congress has continually barred the Department of Education from interfering in curriculum matters, the Obama administration has offered incentives for states to adopt leftwing national education standards, and 4) When Internet regulation failed to pass in Congress, Obama’s Federal Communications Commission announced it would regulate the Internet anyway, even after a federal judge ruled the FCC has not authority to do so. These examples, which do not even include the president’s selective enforcement of immigration laws, are just the tip of the iceberg.  And our Founders thought King George was bad.