According to The New York Times, President Obama is a “voracious consumer of news.” But he’s not at all happy with a media that has engaged in a one-sided love affair with him. He has harsh words for the media establishment.

Times writer Amy Chozick herself seemed quite star struck by the President giving us paragraph after paragraph filled with evidence of how impressed she is with Obama’s reading habits and media interaction. But for the President, the feeling isn’t mutual.

You see he’s mad that the press keeps giving the other side so much coverage.

While Mr. Obama frequently criticizes the heated speech of cable news, he sees what he views as deeper problems in news outlets that strive for objectivity. In private meetings with columnists, he has talked about the concept of “false balance” — that reporters should not give equal weight to both sides of an argument when one side is factually incorrect. He frequently cites the coverage of health care and the stimulus package as examples, according to aides familiar with the meetings.

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