President Obama spoke yesterday about the barbarians who burned a Jordanian pilot and posted the video on the WWW dot. He strains to remind us that we all share blame for this and every dreadful act that ever occurred in the what, 250,000 or so years that mankind has occupied the planet.

“And lest we get on our high horse and think this is unique to some other place, remember that during the Crusades and the Inquisition, people committed terrible deeds in the name of Christ. In our home country, slavery and Jim Crow all too often was justified in the name of Christ.”

My editor will note that within any Obama quote there is always a syntactical error; slavery and Jim Crow are two different things and so they were often justified in the name of Christ. The smartest guy in the room often makes such errors; it must be a very small room.

Obama is wrong on this point. His beloved science was more often used to justify slavery than religion was used for this purpose. Early anthropologists such as Samuel A. Cartwright, Joseph Clark Nott, Josiah Robins Glidden, Robert Knox and Samuel George Morton all used science to justify slavery. Because Obama believes in junk science when it comes to climate change, I assume he believes in junk science as historical artifact. We wouldn’t want our President to be a science denier, would we?

Bashing Christianity is so adolescently beneath the stature bequeathed to this buffoon that one blushes to hear him speak for a nation. I know that everybody left of center hated going to church with mommy and daddy when children. At the University they came in contact with professors who hated going to church with mommy and daddy even more and would drag up tales of inhumanity, unspeakable in scale, to justify refusing to do as mommy and daddy wish. Mommy and daddy deserved a little emotional bruising as rebuke, or revenge. The liberalis are all about revenge. Pardon the daddy-like mansplaining I am indulging in.

Medieval Christianity in Europe committed some terrible deeds. Jonah Goldberg points out that this is because it was medieval, not because it was Christian. To this I would add that Christianity in medieval Europe was the de facto government. In the dark ages after Rome fell, the religion became not only curator of civilization past, but a method to restore some semblance of order to society. Had the religion not been thrust into the role of government it is doubtful that it would have a violent history of any sort. You see, most people historically have committed terrible deeds in the name of government.

Four trillion dollars tithed to a federal budget demonstrates Obama’s blind faith in the murderous religion known as government. This faith is not justified by any science recognizable. Anyone looking at the facts would come to the conclusion that government of any sort is the most murderous device ever created by evil men.

Obama’s blind faith in socialism, let’s call it what it is, communism, reigns supreme in exterminating what Obama so blithely refers to as folks. Let’s check the estimated Government Induced Murder standings:

Soviet Union Communists                61,911,000 deaths

Chinese Communists                         35,236,000 deaths

Nazi Socialist Party                            20,946,000 deaths

China Nationalist Regime                  10,214,000 deaths

There are others, they range in numbers from nearly 6 million credited to the Empire of Japan to just over a million tallied by “Yugoslav revolutionary and statesman” Tito.

Notice there is not a medieval Christian on this list of killers. What all of them bear in common is the role government played in their empowerment to murder.

Notice also that Obama’s “folks” seem always to be enemies of the state. Check your account with the NSA to see if this is not a rising tide in the dear old USA.

Obama said, “…lest we get on our high horse…” He will need a parachute to dismount from his.

But liberals like Obama never get over their need for rebuke and revenge. The past blinds them to the present reality. Mommy and daddy can never suffer enough.

That reality is a world aflame with hate and murder. A few years ago we kept hearing about the global economy. Let’s speak now of the global society. We are allowing the barbarians amongst us power over us. A world of beheadings and immolation is a huge step backwards. What have medieval Christians and Jim Crow got to do with beheadings and immolation in 2015?

Nothing. The President is off point. Ridiculously off point. He is missing the point by at least 200 years, if not a millennium. Idiotically off point.

A President who focuses on past injustices and exaggerates them to caricature will never rise up to facing the present evil reality he helped create. We are going to need a better man than this one, and we are going to need him soon.