First there was all the media fluff about Obama being another famous politician from Illinois who became president. Then, add the fact that his 2nd inauguration falls on the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday and he will be sworn in on Dr Kings Bible as well as Lincoln’s.
Despite the ties to Lincoln and King, Obama is has nothing in common with either of those two great men. The only similarities to the two are that he is from Illinois and he is almost black.

It is completely laughable to even compare Obama to Lincoln as there are definitely stark differences that even grade-schoolers should recognize. Three that come to mind almost right away are things like ; Abe Lincoln was honest; he had integrity and was even called “honest Abe”.

Barak Hussein Obama is not honest, and is a liar as he proves time and time again over the past four years. His most recent lie was disproving his statement about taxes where he stated that “Under my plan 98% of the people will see no tax increase…”, except for Obamacare which raises taxes on 78% of the population, and not even Pixar could imagine Barak Hussein Obama being called “Honest Barak.” Second, Abe Lincoln was all about healing the divided nation as he ended the civil war. Lincoln went out of his way to recognize those states that were still part of the US, as they had” never legally withdrawn”, as a way to bring unity to our torn nation. Barak Hussein Obama has been all about dividing this nation from day one and moving us to the brink of civil war as he has done nothing but encourage societal division by fanning the flames of racism at every opportunity.

He has also pitted the “haves” against the “have nots” with his class warfare, that was even more evident in this last election, and continues to preach redistribution as fair, which undermines our “equal opportunity” not “equal outcome” system. Third, Abe Lincoln ended slavery with much opposition from “Copperhead Democrats” as well as southerners opposed to emancipation, effectively putting an end to the plantations that existed prior to the war. Obama and entitlement minded democrats see government entitlements, extending unemployment, penalizing success, and creating more government dependency as the new way to create slaves to the Democratic Party and bring them onto the government plantation.

Another helping of crazy is to try to make a connection between Obama and Dr. King. King came from a traditional, hard working 2 parent family and carried on the family tradition. To call Obama’s upbringing dysfunctional is generous as he was a pass around child who barely knew his father, and was raised by his mother and stepfather for awhile before being passed to his grandparents. King worked hard to earn his education, from undergrad to Graduate school, and eventually a PhD. He understood hard work as he had even worked the tobacco fields of Connecticut before starting college.

Obama’s college was one of privilege as his grandparents were fairly wealthy and he was able to “choom” his way through school and be proud of it. It doesn’t appear Obama has ever had a real job at any time. Dr. King was a strong Christian an ordained pastor who definitely would not approve of the presidents stance and support of infanticide and abortion, which has lead to black genocide in our nation according to the Black national right to life organization. As a Christian pastor he also would not be pleased with Obama’s approval of deviant sexual acts and support of the homosexual agenda to include marriage.

King was also all about uniting the country in accordance with our Founders goals, and did not favor unjust public policies that gave special treatment to specific groups. He all but slapped affirmative action down when in his I have a dream Speech August 28th, 1963 he stated that “I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”

Lincoln had to fight against secession and slavery. Dr King fought hard against segregation and bigotry which meant both had a big fight against the Democratic Party which is the same party that passed the Jim Crow laws, did not want to end slavery, created the Ku Klux Klan, and fought hard for segregation, and against civil rights legislation.

Lincoln wanted to free “all Americans” and give them the opportunity our founders intended, Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Dr. King had a dream where opportunity abounded and race did not matter, men would rather be judged by accomplishment and character. As the events of the inauguration unfold, don’t be fooled by the hype as the dreams of Lincoln and King were quite different from Obama’s. Lincoln and King dreamed of freedom and opportunity, Obama’s bad dream is as old as the Democratic Party platform and plantation mindset of divide and conquer by keeping minorities poor, angry, dependant and voting for democrats.