Stop fighting and get something done….
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Discussing the GOP victories in the midterms Tuesday night, National Journal political columnist Ron Fournier opined to “Special Report” anchor Bret Baier Thursday night that President Obama’s post-election press conference was “beneath the office” of the presidency “in a sense of pretending that this wasn’t a shellacking.”

Fournier also laid blame at the feet of both parties, specifically pointing to the GOP’s talk of “repealing” Obamacare and the Democrats “pushing his political nuclear button.”

Fournier: I was thinking today when I was a kid, me and my two brothers, all about the same age, our parents would get mad at us for fighting. Stop fighting and swat us maybe and send us to our room. And the first thing we would do when we got in the room is start fighting again. It’s exactly what happened this week. The electorate was very clear: stop fighting and get something done.

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