The president’s jobs council calls for lowering corporate tax rates and overhauling federal regulations, among other measures. With a touch of acidity, Republicans agree.

President Obama praised a series of business-friendly proposals from his jobs council — the latest example of the president’s strategy of seizing Republican-leaning ideas to protect himself against attack in the coming campaign.

Obama’s jobs council on Tuesday called for overhauling the corporate tax structure and reforming federal regulations. Corporate tax rates should sink to “internationally competitive levels,” the report recommended, and an “all-in strategy” should be adopted to cut reliance on foreign fuels by expanding domestic drilling.

As the election season heats up, Obama has been mixing a populist economic message — trumpeting his efforts to create a consumer protection agency, for example — with steps to woo centrist voters by preempting Republican ideas. Last week, the White House offered a proposal to streamline the federal government by consolidating agencies.

White House officials characterized the council’s ideas as common-sense ones that the president has been working on for some time. Next week’s State of the Union address is expected to contain more of the same. Obama doesn’t agree with all of the job council’s proposals, aides said, and will decide in the coming weeks which ones he will act upon and how.

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