In the history of warfare and international politics, it has often been the case that civilized nations have been obliged to align themselves with allies of convenience — nations or groups of a morally objectionable nature but strategic importance.

But what goal could be so important for the United States to achieve in Syria that we ally ourselves with groups whose leaders practice cannibalism?

This point was raised at the G-8 summit by Vladimir Putin, and it was raised recently in a speech by Glenn Beck in Washington, D.C.

It’s not mere rhetoric. Putin and Beck are correct. Although any mention of the video has been blacked out of the mainstream media, even the Huffington Post acknowledged a month ago that Syrian rebels made a video that shows rebel leader Abu Sakkar, a founder of the Omar al-Farouq Brigade, cutting out and eating the heart of a fallen Syrian soldier.

In the video, Sakkar promises, “I swear to God we will eat your hearts and your livers, you soldiers of Bashar the dog.” Cheers are heard off screen.

Sakkar is shown stooping over the soldier, cutting open the chest and apparently removing the heart. He then holds the bloody mass to his mouth and takes a large bite.

If that’s not sickening enough, the words of the cameraman should push you over the edge when he says, “God bless you, Abu Sakkar, you look like you are carving a heart of love on him.”

This is the level of depravity of the people President Obama considers allies, with encouragement from the likes of Republican Sen. John McCain.

This is what the United States wants to replace Bashar al-Assad.

This president and his supporters, who were so incensed that President Bush had “destroyed” the U.S.’s reputation around the world, in a few short years have reduced America to a country that arms blood-soaked cannibals with rocket launchers.

Obama promised he would fundamentally change this country, and indeed he has.

This has been an Administration of outrages, but this, allying our people with eaters of the dead, creatures who devour the flesh of the fallen on the battlefield, this is reserving for America a special seat in hell.

Our Founding Fathers bequeathed to us a country bursting with the promise of freedom, industry and virtue. With every act, Obama has chopped away at our legacy. Critics thought they knew him, but this is a whole new level of evil.

And yes, “evil” is the only word for it.

What kind of monster is our president? And what is he turning us into?