They are going to stop the violence.
Check it out:

President Obama on Friday had a “constructive” conversation with Russian President Vladimir Putin about the peace deal in Ukraine, the State Department said.

Obama spoke on the telephone with Putin for more than an hour, according to a senior State Department official

“It was a constructive phone call. My understanding is that the bulk of it was on Ukraine. Other issues raised were on Syria, Iran, Sochi. They agreed the agreement reached today needed to be implemented quickly,” the official said.

“President Putin affirmed Russia wants to be a part of the implementation process,” the official said, adding that both the U.S. and Russia agreed there was a need to stabilize Ukraine’s economy.

In a subsequent statement, the White House said the leaders “exchanged views on the need to implement quickly the political agreement reached today in Kyiv, the importance of stabilizing the economic situation and undertaking necessary reforms, and the need for all sides to refrain from further violence.”

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