The Islamic State in Syria (ISIS) has been on the intelligence community’s radar for at least the last five years. The president received briefings from the Intel community over that period of time, but just like other things the president is not interested in he preferred to ignore what he was being told and instead focused on his golf game, vacations, handout programs, campaigning and fundraising. When asked about ISIS all he had to say about them was that they were the JV. Everyone who has ever played any sport knows that the JV or Junior Varsity are the folks not yet ready for prime time, still in training, not ready for the big game or playing on the varsity. Well, not unlike most of the president’s national or foreign policy decisions the president’s ideology is way out of tune with the real world and what people expect of their president. The president’s low ratings are just one more confirmation of how out of touch he really is with the American people.

When looking at his record you don’t have to go far to see that he is weak on illegal immigration and border security, terror, International relations, the economy, energy independence, and the military. If this were not so the borders would be secure, new immigration policy would be helping those who wish to assimilate and become citizens legally, ISIS would not even be a factor, we would have more allies that trust us instead of no longer respecting us, enemies would fear us, the budget deficit would be shrinking, unemployment would be the lowest ever, gas prices would be below two dollars a gallon, he would listen to the military and respect them versus blow off the advisors and have Marines hold umbrellas. Instead he has chosen to ignore the important stuff and show his strength on things like vacations, gay rights, abortion, and taking credit for other people’s accomplishments. His refusal to listen to any of his advisors regarding leaving troops in country for security has now caught up to him as GW Bush predicted in 2007.

So delusional is this president that he can’t even bring himself to acknowledge what everyone on Varsity knows, that ISIS are Islamic terrorist. After all, isn’t that what the I in ISIS stands for? Islamic? Even more backbench he won’t declare war on ISIS even though we are dropping bombs on them to kill them, but he can declare war on Ebola. Obama is living in fantasy land with no real strategy in his latest military incursion.   The president’s strategy is no strategy at all. He has once again proven that he is just a community organizer way out of his league. In Iraq he managed to claim defeat out of the jaws of victory, invigorate a terrorist organization, all while living a life of celebrity.   The only real thing he understands is the Chicago criminal way of intimidation, graft, and self-advancement. He is living the Washington lottery with his rags to riches story of coming to town an average Joe and leaving a new millionaire. He claims to represent the 99% when he himself is the leader of the 1%. He hangs out with millionaires in his continuous campaign mode raising money for his own self advancement as he continues his life of celebrity and high roller vacations and golf outings.

With Joe Biden saying that we will fight ISIS to the gates of hell, we have a president who time and again refused to fight ISIS in Syria and now is going into the damage control mode of bomb dropping without declaring war as he starts a new war for America, while hiding behind a Bush era authorization he opposed. He is totally dishonest with the American people about not putting boots on the ground. I believe that as much as I believe the “you can keep your healthcare or doctor promise.” Australia recently stopped an ISIS cell intent on inflicting harm on the citizens by randomly beheading people in the name of Allah and jihad as they pursue a global caliphate. If you don’t think they are here as well you’re in denial just like the president was when he was briefed on ISIS and the threat yet he refused to do anything about it. So now he will go and drop bombs, without congressional authorization, being the “cowboy” he portrayed President Bush to be because he can no longer ignore the elephant in the room. It is only a matter of time before more U.S. boots are on the ground and involved, and as his advisors warned, this time will be more difficult and costly.

In light of the recent events and his known track record I feel it is safe to say that when it comes to the JV, Obama proves that he is the real JV captain who has no idea what the varsity looks like.