How Does One Get Reelected with this Economy?

There’s just no longer any way to spin this. There is no reason why the economy should not be picking up after three and a half years of the Obama presidency. Unless the problem is the Obama presidency.

You can do all the micro-targeting, all the get–out-the-vote efforts, and all the demonization of your opponent that you want. But unless it turns out that Romney spent his weekends during the 1980s robbing banks and loan sharking, I just don’t see how Obama gets reelected.

Perhaps the only thing that can save Obama would be a dramatic external event, like war with Iran or a terrorist attack, which causes the country to rally around the president. It could happen.

The interesting thing about the slowing economy is the cause: Businesses and consumers don’t want to spend. They are uncertain. And that’s Obama’s fault.

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