A decision on King v. Burwell will be released by the Court sometime this month.

Speaking during a press conference today in Germany as part of the G7 Summit, President Obama ripped the Supreme Court for taking up King v. Burwell, the case questioning the legality of Obamacare subsidies given to people living in states without state based exchanges.

“This should be an easy case. Frankly, it probably shouldn’t even have been taken up,” Obama said

Obama again voiced that confidence on Monday, and urged the court not to rule otherwise.

He said it’s safe to “assume” the court will do what most legal scholars expect and “play it straight.” Obama said it has been well-documented that Congress never intended to exclude people who went through the federal exchange.

To rule the other way, the president said, would be a “contorted reading of the statute” and a “twisted interpretation.”

But if that does happen, Obama said, “that throws off how that exchange operates” and millions of people would lose subsidies.

“It’s a bad idea,” Obama said.

Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber, infamous for saying the law passed thanks to the “stupidity of the American voter,” has repeatedly said people living in states that do not have their own exchanges cannot receive tax subsidies for Obamacare. He’s argued multiple times the law was set up to force states into setting up exchanges.

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