Reuters has released a story (“Obama Presses Europe, Pledges Help for Greek Crisis“) about President Barack Obama’s attempt to bailout Greece via the IMF (International Monetary Fund) using U.S. taxpayer money. While this sounds like just an extension of his abuse of power and money that is not his from the disaster in the U.S. to the world, it is much more than this. This is about re-inflating President Obama’s ego. His ego was inflated to massive proportions immediately after his 2008 Presidential win. President Obama garnered a 79% approval rating in the U.S. in 2009. As of 2010, President Obama garnered an approval rating in Germany as high as 90%.

While his approval ratings has have dropped significantly, Obama’s European approval is still quite high. After the uber failure of the U.S. taxpayer funded bank and auto industry bailouts, the continued decline of the American economy, plummeting home prices, falling stock market, rises joblessness, hatred of ObamaCare, deepening hatred of further government intrusion into the lives of private citizens, ad infinitum, there is little hope in the U.S. to increase President Obama’s popularity. His playbook is almost completely used up and nothing he does is making his image better in America. What’s the next step? It’s obviously to go to the social welfare countries in Europe and do the same thing there. They’ll obviously love his ideas since they are in-line with the individual’s thinking. Obama needs a pick-me-up and he’s doing it by funneling taxpayer money to foreigners.

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