Maybe this would be less advisors whispering in Obama’s ear in DC.
Check it out:

President Obama responded to the growing sectarian violence in Iraq by announcing Thursday that he’s dispatching Secretary of State John Kerry for talks in the Middle East and Europe — and is preparing to send up to 300 military advisers to aid the Iraqi military.

The president, holding back on more aggressive measures such as airstrikes, addressed the crisis in Iraq and the U.S. response after meeting for hours with his national security team. Speaking in the White House briefing room, he also touched on the controversial topic of whether the U.S. should work with Iran to counter militants next door — saying Iran can play a “constructive role” if they join the U.S. in calling for the Iraqi government to be inclusive, but would worsen the situation if the Shiite regime’s only interest is in shoring up fellow Shiite fighters.

The president repeatedly stressed that U.S. combat troops would not engage in the Iraq conflict. “Ultimately, this is something that’s going to have to be solved by the Iraqis,” Obama said.

But, citing concerns about the situation spiraling into an “all-out civil war,” Obama said he’s prepared to send a “small number” — up to 300 — of additional military advisers to train and advise Iraqi security forces, and set up “joint operation centers” in Baghdad and elsewhere. The president said the U.S. already has “significantly increased” intelligence and surveillance to better understand what Sunni militants with the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria are doing.

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