The lame-duck Senate voted 71-26 today to ratify President Obama’s strategic arms reduction treaty with the Russians, which numerous Reagan and Bush administration defense experts say will put America at a strategic disadvantage.

The Obama administration is “intent on putting the United States out of the nuclear weapons business,” said Frank Gaffney, president of the Center for Security Policy and a former acting assistant secretary of defense for security policy.

Gaffney accused Obama of following a policy of “radical denuclearization.”

“Ours is the only country they can denuclearize,” Gaffney lamented.

The so-called New START treaty limits each side to 1,550 strategic nuclear weapons but fails to address the massive 10-1 Russian advantage in tactical nuclear weapons. Disputes over interpretation of the treaty may allow the Russians to expand their nuclear advantage even further.

“The Russians have already said they think they can have 2,200 warheads, far more than the 1,550 they’re supposed to have,” said Gaffney.

Critics say the treaty poses a serious threat to U.S. security by restricting America’s ability to develop and deploy missile defenses against threats posed by a number of potential foes. It also, they say, cripples American ability to verify Russian compliance with strategic arms deals.

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