Has anybody actually seen Obama’s vacation itinerary?  I mean we’ve heard that Obama is going to Hawaii, but I’m wondering if he and Michelle and the girls might actually be headed to Crawford, Texas on vacation, get in some mountain biking and some brush clearing; drive the pickup around, pick up some junk.  Look, folks, it’s becoming increasingly obvious here, Obama’s role model is Bush!  Gitmo is still open.  Afghanistan is still active, press conferences on how well we’re doing there.  Debatable spying on possible terrorists.  Yep.  We’re doing it.  Warrantless wiretaps out there.  Petraeus running the war, thank goodness, but I mean that’s a Bush holdover.  

And now the tax cuts, the Bush tax cuts, which have now become the Obama tax cuts.  Obama has put his presidency on the line to keep ’em.  After blaming those tax cuts for every economic problem we’ve got, Obama’s now out there telling Democrats that his presidency is over if they don’t vote to continue the Bush tax cuts.  Peter DeFazio, bald-headed liberal from — well, I’m sorry, that doesn’t matter — Peter DeFazio, liberal from Oregon, said Obama said that and the White House said we never talked to Peter DeFazio, we haven’t said that.  But at any rate, we all know that Obama is staking everything here to these Bush tax cuts, or the tax rates, staying the same for two years.

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