With a warning to the American people that 700,000 jobs are at risk if Congress does not act, President Obama promised, again, to ignore the law of the land and act without them to stave off such an outcome.
Check it out:

In his weekly address “Working When Congress Won’t Act” the president said, “I want to work with Congress to create jobs and opportunity for more Americans. But where Congress won’t act, I will.” Obama explained that he wants to prevent depletion of federal funding that has been set aside to rebuild the transportation infrastructure in America. But Republicans, he says, “seem to have very different priorities” — protecting the rich:

Not only have they neglected to prevent this funding from running out, their proposal would actually cut by 80% a job-creating grant program that has funded high-priority transportation projects in all 50 states. And they can’t say it’s to save money, because at the very same time, they voted for trillions of dollars in new tax cuts, weighted towards those at the very top.

Think about that. Instead of putting people to work on projects that would grow the economy for everyone, they voted to give a huge tax cut to households making more than $1 million a year.

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