Taxpayers are intentionally not informed that they are on the hook to pay Millions more to Obamacare. Again, we are picking up the tab for the results of this obscurant Administrations’ latest collusion with Planned Parenthood under the guise of “assisters”, announced after Congress went on recess.

HHS last week awarded over $655,000 in taxpayer grants to three Planned Parenthood affiliates to act as “Navigators” helping enroll people in federally facilitated insurance exchanges under Obamacare. Those grants are part of $67 Million in federal funds that have gone to over 100 organizations to help promote the health Care law.

Clinics to receive “assisters” grants are:  Iowa-Arkansas-Nebraska-Oklahoma-Montana- New Hampshire. These clinics are among the 105 organizations that applied for Navigator grants to help people sign up for health Ins. and explain Obamacare to the people they serve in their communities. HHS would not comment on how the 105 were chosen or the criteria used to select them.

Sam Baker: The Hill, said, “They are dealing with a lot of people who haven’t had Ins. before or who had a difficult time and not many plans to choose from. It’s a complicated thing setting up all the exchanges in each state. If you were the administration you could see why (PP) Planned Parenthood would be an organization you would want to work with. If you are looking for young people that are uninsured, that‘s an organization that already has a lot of trust with that population and a lot of connections there”.

Objections have come against this Administration before, from Republicans and pro-life groups, to cut off their federal funding, when Planned Parenthood had previously received grants. Critics pointed out Pres. Obama pledged to NEVER spend a single federal dollar on clinics that perform abortions.              {All of these clinics provide abortions according to their websites}.

If you remember that was the promise that actually ‘’secured” the many ill-gotten votes needed to pass Obamacare. Bart Stupak, Congressman (D Mich) who held the majority vote in his hand at the time, defended the deal. ”This executive order we negotiated with the White House has unequivocally said  there will be NO abortions at the community health centers that will be paid for and a number of other protections were put in. This is a very good executive order and as soon as the Pres. signs it, it will have the ”Full Force and Effect of Law.” My heart sank as he boldfaced lied to the American people, knowing full well this Pres. would overturn his own executive order. Mr. Stupak immediately left Congress his mendacity complete and the American public dismissed to muddle through the rest of the year not knowing when this would come back to haunt us, but here it is four years later.

There is no provision in these grants saying you can have the money but it MUST only go to education. Why doesn’t it have a special provision like Obama promised in the executive order, to reassure the American people this money will not be used for abortions? Could it be that this President continually displays no honor to his word and deliberately breaks it and changes it daily with no regard for the law?

District of Columbia announced it would give $375,000 in taxpayer money to (PP) Metropolitan D.C. to act as “assisters” by enrolling citizens in the District’s healthcare exchange. The local affiliate was one of 35 community groups to receive over $6 Million in govt. funding to promote Obamacare in the District.

Planned Parenthood clinics across the nation could stand to receive even larger influxes of taxpayer dollars from state and federal coffers as more of Obamacare is implemented. Fearing low enrollment into the exchanges prompted States to begin funding a force of taxpayer compensated community groups that will facilitate entry into the health care markets.

These Federal Navigators will aid enrollment in the federally facilitated exchanges across 34 States. More than a dozen States setting up their own state based exchanges plan on spending $10’s of Millions in taxpayer’s money funding community group “assisters” to promote their market places. Many of these “assisters” come from local Planned Parenthood affiliates providing additional streams of Obamacare funding to the largest abortion provider in the U.S.

In one year alone Planned Parenthood has received over ½ a Billion in Current Govt. funding. Surely it doesn’t need additional taxpayer funding dollars right now while it faces mounting accusations of fraud, allegedly neglecting women’s safety and expanded provision of abortion services. In my research of PP’s part in abortions I ran across a new loophole that PP is using to sidestep the parental consent ruling most all States have of girls under age 16. This loophole is known as ”Judicial Bypass”.

The minor can ask a judge to excuse her from getting permission from a parent or guardian. If a child tells the judge a parent has failed to take responsibility for their care or they have been a victim of abuse or neglect, the child or a DOCTOR can report this to authorities or just stand up in court with the minor. In Arizona the judges have approved 75% of abortions for minors. Maryland, out of all the States only requires a Doctor, not a Judge to excuse you from this requirement.  PP’s website listed every State and their requirement of one or two parental signatures and notification of hours before the procedure. Under every state’s requirement PP listed that a judge can excuse this and to call their office for help. They can provide a minor with a Dr. who can stand up with her in court.

On PP’s website they depict the teen parents’ life as having no-fun in the future. Although they report some women are happy with adoption many others have a deeper, longer-lasting “sense of loss”. With an abortion however, it is mere menstrual cramps in varying degrees with little physical discomfort. They exalt the value of having an abortion by going on to say that serious, long-term emotional problems like in adoption, are RARE. That most women feel relieved after the abortion. Those exceptions experiencing serious regrets are only those with strong religious beliefs.

In 2011-2012 PP reported they received $542.4 Million in Govt. health services grants and reimbursements including payments from Medicaid managed care plans. This whet its appetite for (PP) stands to financially benefit from Obamacare’ requirement that ”qualified Insurance plans” cover “Essential Community Providers”. Those providers according to a list released by the Dept. of Health & Human Services earlier this year could include over 400 local (PP) affiliates. In other words HHS is giving legitimacy to PP to receive Ins. Coverage benefits for abortions. Unbelievable!

On their website they answer most questions so that you don’t need to show up unless you need a referral to a health care provider that “actually does the exam” or an abortion. PP’s Doctors and nurses teach patients about breast care, connect patients to resources to help them get vital biopsies, ultrasounds, and mammograms and then follow up to make sure the patient got the attention they needed and deserve.

At PP’s annual fundraising gala this year, Obama praised the group’s superb efforts in helping pass the coercive health care law. He particularly gave homage to the groups work in developing the preventative services mandate that is currently trampling on many employers fundamental freedoms by forcing them to provide coverage of abortion and contraception in their health care plans. After thanking the group for supporting  Obamacare he ended saying, God Bless Planned Parenthood.

Planned Parenthood Federation of America’s annual report for 2011-2012 says that its affiliated clinics performed ( 333,964 ) abortions in fiscal year 2011 alone, which works out to be on average ( One (death)  Abortion Every 94 SECONDS).

Blood Money is Money gained at the cost of Another’s Loss of Life. It’s a reward for committing murder.

Everyone knows, as you should Mr. Obama,  God doesn’t Bless Planned Parenthoods shedding of innocent Blood or your ”Blood Money” that Funds it…