Do you ever wonder if Muslim leaders have something on Barack Obama? Is there some deep dark secret they know about Obama that he doesn’t want the rest of us to know? Maybe there are Muslim Mullahs out there who know the truth about why his college transcripts are sealed. Perhaps there are Muslims who could reveal embarrassing secrets about Obama’s father. Who knows? But one thing is certain—for some reason Barack Obama feels compelled to play the role of apologist for Muslims worldwide. The man has nothing good to say about Christians, Jews, or even Americans, but he cannot stop talking about the supposed virtues of Muslims. It is as if he thinks everyday Americans lack the common sense to distinguish between peaceful Muslims and radical Muslim fanatics.

For the record, I am happy to acknowledge that not all people of the Muslim faith are murdering barbarians who chop the heads off of innocent civilians and burn captured pilots alive. I just wish our president would acknowledge the obvious: that some of them are. I can see no logical reason for Obama’s trip of fantasy concerning the virtues of Muslims unless of course he is what a growing number of Americans believe him to be—a closet Muslim.   When it comes to Muslims, the President of the United States cannot seem to grasp what any third grader who is paying attention knows: there are a lot of radical Muslim fanatics at large in the world whose hatred of the west, Christians, and Jews knows no bounds. These fanatics are making war on the United States, even if President Obama is the only person on the planet who still refuses to admit it.

Obama’s latest defense of Muslims is that Americans have a “distorted view” of them that we get from watching the nightly news. Oh gee, I am sorry for being unfair in my opinions Mr. President. Let me review what I know about Muslims. Let’s see, there were the 9-11 attacks on the Twin Towers, the slaughter of American servicemen on their own base by a Muslim soldier, the Boston Marathon bombing, Muslim throngs filling the streets of cities throughout the Middle-East yelling “death to the Great Satan” (America), the murders of our Embassy personnel in Benghazi, innocent non-combatants having their heads chopped off on video, a Jordanian pilot being burned alive, an entire cartooning staff wiped out in Paris, more than 200 Christians taken prisoner by ISIS, young school girls kidnapped and murdered by Boko Haram, and Jews slaughtered in a kosher deli in Paris. These incidents are just the tip of the iceberg, but I am supposed to believe that Islam is somehow a kinder, gentler religion.

According to Barack Obama, Americans see only the bad Muslims on the nightly news, which gives us a “distorted impression.” The president believes that if we only knew some of the more than one-billion peace loving Muslims scattered around the world we would develop a better impression of them. Here is my problem with Obama’s perspective: if the overwhelming majority of Muslims are truly peace-loving people, why don’t they band together and do something about this supposed minority within their religion that is giving them a bad name? I can guarantee you that if Christians in America started murdering their Muslim neighbors in the name of Christ, their fellow Christians would be the first to denounce them and to join in the effort to combat their dastardly acts.

If, as the president claims, there are a billion peace-loving Muslims in the world who abhor what ISIS and other terrorist groups are doing, they and their religious leaders should be speaking out vocally and doing their part to stop them. Muslims who remain quiet and sit on their hands while other Muslims brutalize innocent people in the name of Allah are just as guilty as the fanatics who carry out these despicable acts. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was clear on this subject back in the days of Jim Crow when black people were being lynched and otherwise abused. He claimed that it wasn’t the hate-filled men under hoods and robes who concerned him most. Rather it was the law-abiding, Christian people who knew what was happening and disapproved of it but instead of getting involved chose to sit back and do nothing. In his eyes, their passivity was the same as approval, and he was right.

Barack Obama is making himself a fool in the eyes of the American public—citizens who don’t need him to tell them what they should think about Muslims. Obama claims there is a “complicated” history between the Middle East and the West, as if that somehow justifies the brutality and violence of ISIS and other terrorists groups. There is also a complicated history between Japan and the U.S. and Germany and the U.S., but Americans don’t capture German or Japanese tourists and cut their heads off. Obama’s veiled reference to the Crusades is pure nonsense from a president who is grasping at straws in an attempt to rationalize what cannot be rationalized.

While it is true enough that the west has a history with the Middle East, it is equally true that beheading people and burning them alive is not justified by that history. Think of what the Nazis did to the Jews or what the Japanese did to American prisoners of war during World War II. Brutality does not begin to describe their despicable acts. Yet the people of Germany and Japan have rejected their history and joined the community of peace-loving, responsible nations. If Muslims around the world are really the peace-loving people Barack Obama claims they are, they should band together, reject those who commit violent atrocities in the name of their religion, and join the community of peace-loving, responsible people who are being targeted by radical Muslim fanatics. In the meantime, Barack Obama needs to drop his public relations act on behalf of Muslims and show that he can be a responsible president who is ready and willing to do what every president is elected above all else to do: protect the American people.