President Obama has described Islam as a “beautiful” religion. I think of this description every time Muslim fanatics chop the heads off innocent civilians, burn one of their captives alive, or strap explosives to the waist of women and children, using them a human bombs. The terrorists who commit these obscene acts all claim to be strict adherents of Islam and appear to have the full support, blessing, and cooperation of their own clerics. Sure, the Muslim world is angry at ISIS right now for torching a Jordanian pilot, but the root of their anger seems to be the fact that the pilot was a fellow Muslim—not that he was brutally murdered. Egypt has finally turned on ISIS, but only after 20 Egyptian citizens were beheaded on video.

If Obama’s description of Islam as “a beautiful religion” is accurate, it should have spawned a number of beautiful societies. Can you name even one? Perhaps Barack Obama needs to re-think his statement on Islam. Most of the turmoil and strife and attendant barbarism extant in the world today occurs in Muslim nations or grows out of them. It is high time someone who has access to the president takes the initiative to remind him that he was elected to serve the people of the United States not to promote the supposed virtues of the Muslim religion. He is President of the United States, not public relations director for the Islamic world. Someone close to him needs to help him learn how to say the works “terrorist” and “terrorism.”

During his almost seven years in office, President Obama has been effective at doing two things: 1) undermining much of what is right and good about America, and 2) espousing the virtues of the Muslim religion, Muslim nations, and Muslims in general. Americans have watched in horror as Muslim terrorists flew hijacked airliners into New York’s Twin Towers on 9-11, blew up innocent civilians during the Boston Marathon, slaughtered military personnel in the continental United States, gunned down Jews in Paris simply because they were Jewish, chopped the heads off of captives in Iraq and Syria, and burned a Syrian pilot alive.

In every case, these barbarous acts were done in the name of Allah, and they were followed by Muslims spontaneously filling the streets in raucous displays of support throughout the Islamic regions of the world. Yet the President of the United States continues to extol the virtues of the Muslim religion and even chastises the media for overstating the threat from terrorism. I would like Barack Obama to sit down one-on-one, face-to-face with the families of those Americans murdered by Muslim terrorists on 9-11 and since and explain to them how the threat of terrorism is exaggerated.

Writing for World (February 7, 2015), Joel Belz had this to say about the “beauty” of the Muslim religion: “Don’t you get a little weary of having the experts remind you that you shouldn’t get the wrong impression, that Islam really isn’t as violent as you might have quite erroneously been led to believe, and that Muslims are at their roots a people of peace? Ignore the evidence, we’re told. Forget what your eyes and ears having been telling you on the nightly news. Pay attention instead to the Muslim clerics in Detroit, the Ivy League academics, the Washington think tank specialists, and the network anchors and authorities. Oh. And don’t forget that even the president of the United States has also assured you, several dozen times, that Muslims around the world, perhaps more than any other people, yearn for peace.”

I wonder what the leftwing lackeys in the media, Congress, and the Obama administration would say if Baptists, Methodists, Catholics, or Presbyterians adopted rules for their Christian denominations that require women to wear burkas, prohibit women from driving, make adultery punishable by stoning the woman involved to death but giving the man a pass, cut off the heads of those who disagree with them, or burn alive those who oppose them? Where did this double standard come from? Clearly, those on the left—including Barack Obama—are willing to overlook anything done in the name of religion unless, of course, the religion in question is Christianity.