There is a new threat to the safety of American military personnel that ranks right up there with improvised explosive devices (IEDs).  According to a report recently released by the House Homeland Security Committee: The threat to military personnel from homegrown terrorists is “severe” and growing.  The report profiled Major Nidal Hasan, the man accused of killing 13 people and wounding 29 others at Fort Hood in 2009, as an example of a homegrown terrorist.  The report also cited, among other things, the June 2009 attack on an Army recruiting office in Arkansas by Muslim convert, Carlos Bledsoe, as an example of the growing threat of “homegrown terrorism” in which military personnel are specifically targeted.

Homegrown terrorists are American citizens—born or naturalized—who convert to Islam and then, at some point, turn on the country of their birth or choice.  How has America’s Commander-in-Chief responded to this new and growing threat?  As is his habit, Obama refuses to use the “T” word.  He steadfastly refuses to admit that homegrown attacks by Islamist fanatics, even those aimed at military personnel, are terror-related.  Worse yet, he is pressuring military leaders to be politically correct in responding to the attacks by treating them as instances of domestic violence.  In other words, to Barack Obama a homegrown terrorist murdering innocent Americans is no different than two drunks getting into a bar fight.

The President is sticking with his politically correct response to homegrown terrorism in spite of the facts revealed by the House Homeland Security Committee.  Concerning the Bledsoe episode, the report states: “Bledsoe targeted the U.S. military to avenge what he believed was mistreatment of Muslims.  He also traveled to Yemen and was radicalized to al Qaeda’s violent Islamist extremist ideology.” Bledsoe is an American citizen who converted to Islam, was indoctrinated and trained by the most infamous terrorist organization in the world, and murdered unarmed military personnel in a recruiting office.  But to the president, this is not terrorism.

In spite of overwhelming evidence that Bledsoe is a terrorist, President Obama refused to allow the military to handle him as one.  Rather, the al Qaeda operative was to be treated as just another perpetrator of domestic violence.  To drive home Obama’s point that homegrown terrorism is nothing more than domestic violence, Bledsoe was tried in a civilian court rather than a military tribunal.  Even more absurd was the decision to treat Major Nidal Hasan’s terrorist attack as an instance of workplace violence.  At the time he killed 13 people and wounded 29 more, Hasan was a serving Army officer with documented ties to terrorist kingpin Anwar al-Awlaki, yet President Obama insisted that he be treated in the same manner as an angry employee who shows up for work with a gun and shoots his boss. Had Barack Obama been president instead of George W. Bush on 911, the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Towers would have been referred to the National Transportation and Safety Board as aircraft accidents.

The report of the House Homeland Security Committee was scathing in its response to President Obama’s handling of homegrown terrorism. The report stated that Obama “…chose political correctness over accurately labeling and identifying certain terrorist attacks appropriately, thereby denying Purple Heart medals to killed and wounded troops in domestic terror attacks.”  Apparently, President Obama is more concerned about not offending al Qaeda and other terrorist organizations than he is about protecting American military personnel.