President Barack Obama is set to announce Thursday a pair of new measures designed to advance the “all of the above” energy agenda that he laid out in Tuesday’s State of the Union address, including an embrace of natural gas as a transportation fuel.

At a United Parcel Service Inc. facility in Las Vegas, President Obama will throw his support behind using natural gas for transport in the medium and heavy truck fleet, according to administration officials.

UPS used more than $5 million in federal support to upgrade its own fleet of trucks and complete the first natural-gas “corridor” linking the port of Long Beach, Calif., with Salt Lake City, where big trucks can readily refuel with liquefied natural gas.

The White House plan, contingent on congressional support, would include tax credits to offset part of the cost of upgrading trucks to run on natural gas, and federal help to spur the creation of five additional natural-gas corridors on heavy trucking routes. Additionally, the Obama administration plans to double down on federal research to find new ways to use natural gas for transportation, as well as supporting the conversion of city bus and truck fleets to run on the cleaner fuel, administration officials said.

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