What? Trust the government? Trust Obama? Are they insane? You can’t make this stuff up! No one would believe it.
Check it out:

ObamaCare officials confirm there is still no system built for taking billions of dollars in subsidies and giving it to the insurance companies. So how does the system work without a payment mechanism?

Tonight, Megyn Kelly reported that the administration is going to let insurance companies estimate how much money they should receive. Then the feds will cut them a check and figure out the real amount later.

“That’s your money!” Kelly told viewers. “We’re talking about one-sixth of the U.S. economy and this is the system that they’ve now settled on.”

The Reuters report also says, “The fix puts an additional ‘burden’ on insurance companies, already taxed by having to double-check faulty enrollment data from the HealthCare.gov system.”

National Review columnist Avik Roy joined The Kelly File to respond to this late-breaking news. He called it a “bailout of the president.”

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