By Jerald Taylor

The Ft. Hood Massacre was not Treason or Terrorism. It was an act of “workplace violence” This is patently false. The man was acting as a Muslim and cried out, “Allah Akbar!” (God is great in Arabic – this is the cry of Muslim Jihad) He now refuses to shave his beard and appear in proper US Army uniform for his court martial. He wants to be tried as a Muslim, not as a soldier. His act was directly against the US military and on behalf of radical Islam.

The events in Libya and Cairo were supposedly not coordinated attacks by al Qaeda, they were spontaneous acts of people who were legitimately upset over a tasteless film. This even though the attacks came with heavy weapons that are not by demonstrators and the security forces in Cairo conveniently disappeared while the US flag over our sovereign embassy was torn down, ripped apart, and replaced by an al Qaeda flag. The last time this happened was in Iraq under Jimmy Carter. Being legitimately upset over a tasteless film does not justify murder or taking control of a sovereign embassy. Obama still plans to give the Egyptian government, now ruled by the Muslim Brotherhood, over a billion US dollars in aid. The president of Libya has clearly stated that the attacks in his country were run by al Qaida, were well coordinated and planned before news of the film was even known. At least he is acting like an ally should.

The use of the word Apology regarding the anti-Islamic film was incorrect. That is true. The embassy in Cairo did not apologize for the film. They condemned the film. This is not an apology, it is an abject prostration. I agree the film was tasteless, but how can the party which defends the right of people to place a cross in urine and call it art go to the length of condemnation because someone makes a tasteless film. Oh, yeah, Christians turn the other check and do not riot over such things and Muslims do. Therefore we must pander to them and pretend to be shocked about things which would not bother us at all if it referred to Christians.

The United States President does not have time to meet with Netanyahu of Israel, but he can find time for fund raisers and meetings with the President of Egypt. Meanwhile, Iran, governed by self-avowed enemies of both the United States (the Great Satan) and Israel, draws closer to production of a nuclear weapon that has the potential to empower a promised destruction of Israel and/or a massive terror attack on the United States. When this attack happens, and it shall happen unless something is done to prevent it, the attack will be directly the fault of Obama.
US aid sent by Obama to Brazil for off shore drilling, while projects in the USA cannot get US gov’t approval. These projects, which could provide jobs in the US, wait for the government to get off its ass and let them start. Obama does not want to reduce our purchases of oil from Arab countries.

Quantitative Easing has reduced the purchasing power of our dollars and the deficit is worse than ever. Meanwhile the democrat controlled senate has not even brought a budget bill to the floor for an up or down vote. The house bills may not be what the senate wants, but Harry Reid has the responsibility to at least allow a vote, so the people can see who wants what and vote accordingly.

These things do not look like the actions of a party that is trying to improve the lot of Americans or stand up for our ideals. What are you going to do about it in November?