Now that America’s Regressives have committed us to at least four more years of stupid, what can the rest of us expect?

Keeping in mind the saying about not knowing history meaning you’re doomed to repeat it, and with an eye on this Administration’s track record, we can suss out some trends.

<li>Devaluation of the dollar. The dogmatic attachment to failed Keynesian schemes continues, and that means President Obama’s Administration will continue to try to “create” jobs (actually pay off its benefactors) by expanding the money supply. That means each dollar in your pocket is worth less and less with each run of the printing press in the Treasury basement. The visible result will be higher prices for everything.

<li>Higher taxes. We’re already facing “Taxmageddon” at the first of the year, and the Regressives are going to want more. As dollars become more devalued, the government will need more dollars just to pay for the “stuff” it spends on now, and it will take it out of everybody else’s pockets. Big businesses will take a hit, try to pass it on to consumers with higher prices, realize no one can afford their products, then cut back the labor force to keep the bottom line in the black, probably acquiring huge inventories in the process. Net result will be lower government revenues, generating even more calls for raising taxes.

<li>Economic collapse. Unemployment will spike again as the result of Obama’s policies, growing the entitlement estate. Due to the growth of what can only be described as feeble-mindedness, the mass of Americans on the government dole will not care to do a thing about imminent collapse, so long as the checks keep coming.

<li>Restriction of oil, gas and coal. Your energy prices, from filling your tank with gas to heating your home, will go up, probably phenomenally. Before his first election in 2008, Obama had cited European gas prices as being desireable, so expect it to happen. Look for $8 a gallon by the end of his second term, if not sooner.

<li>Alternative energy schemes. Barring a genuine technological breakthrough, expect the Administration to continue funding unsuccessful “green” technology scams, run by Obama donors, that turn around and go bankrupt, increasing pressure on energy prices. Expect more regulations on private automobiles, taxes targeting drivers, carbon credit schemes and even tax penalties or fines if you personally or your business don’t meet targets for “pollution.”

<li>Gay marriage. It will happen now as a federal mandate, and public schools across the land will include homosexual indoctrination beginning in kindergarten, possibly under the guise of “anti-bullying” curriculum. Any religious group or individual who believes the Bible and holds homosexuality to be a sin will be targeted for “re-education,” penalties, fines and eventually possible jail time. The first wave of this will come from lawsuits trying to force churches to marry homosexuals or hire homosexuals.

<li>Homeschooling attacked. The last thing the Administration wants is independent thinkers with knowledge of math, science and history — especially history. The homeschooling movement, probably sooner rather than later, will face growing opposition and restrictions. There will be calls for making homeschoolers more closely match public school curricula, if not outright outlawing of homeschools, particularly religious homeschool instruction.

<li>Growth of the abortion industry. It is one of the absolute essentials of the Regressive movement that the poor, particularly blacks and Latinos be kept under control. The abortion industry is a key part of the plan to weaken and destroy family and community ties that could present a barrier to Administration policies. People without families are easier to control because they only think of their immediate gratification. Hand in hand with this will be policies banning abstinence education or teaching of traditional sexual morality. Children will become more and more sexualized. This also all ties in with globalist aspirations to decrease the world population.

<li>Weakening of the military. Obama is not a traditional dictator. Ordinarily, a dictator would grow his military in expectation of using it to conquer or defend against nearby enemies. Obama has been groomed since childhood to be the tool of foreign powers and “uber-nationalists” for whom a strong, independent United States is an obstacle. His job is to bring us down to the level of the rest of the crowd, and cutting the military, including drastically reducing or even eliminating our nuclear deterrent, is a major path toward that goal. Also expect to see Obama continuing to waste our strength in undeclared foreign wars.

<li>Growth of the police state. The National Security Agency has been constructing the world’s largest data-gathering center in Utah, which is said to be capable of recording every single phone call, email and online message in America for later use. Combine that with the growing use of thousands of spy drones approved by the Administration for use inside our borders, along with the growing use of cameras and microphones in public places. It all adds up to Orwell’s Big Brother come to fruition. The government cannot have that kind of power and resist the urge to use it.

<li>Persecution of conservatives. The Department of Homeland Security has been looking for an excuse to start rounding up conservatives since its first report labeling military veterans as potential terrorists. Spurred by a sycophantic media that already paints conservatives as generally evil, the Administration will look for any incident to use as an excuse to harass, punish, fine and ultimately haul away members of conservative “terrorist” circles.

And all of this is probably just for starters. I’m sure I’ve missed a number of things, and the timing on any of these will depend on actual events.

Whatever the ultimate plan turns out to be, it’s probably safe to say that Obama’s re-election will prove to be the beginning of a country that we won’t recognize in a few years.