Americans, we are at war within our political system. Obama has started a war where we are battling a culture of selfishness and he is twisting the meaning of this word to distract us from his record. We all know there are people who only care about what they can get and we also know there are people who really care about others. What Obama and the Democrats will have you believe is achieving money through work is not only evil, but it is being selfish. They are saying that making money is the foundation of greed, greed is inspired by Free Enterprise and this is being selfish because you are greedy. They will link this warped theme to the Republicans who do support Free Enterprise and will tell you if you embrace this, you are bad. The Obama machine is trying to divide us into different classes of people.

What we must realize is that the word selfish can be used in many different ways and have different meanings. There are different ‘types of selfishness’ but Obama will focus on only one type that is being exhibited by some people because they want to confuse us on this point. I am not talking about selfishness that is based upon someone earning a living, or people who are earning their success, or even if they are earning a billion dollars. They are earning money through their ‘selfish’ work by taking a risk and working to make it happen. What the Democrats will have you believe is people who do not work should be entitled to compensation gained from other peoples work effort; not from their own work effort. These selfish people the Democrats are catering to are the most selfish people anywhere because they do not earn what they are given, they just take.

Free Enterprise is how America became a world leader in less than one hundred years. This was achieved by creating economic power gained through hard working people who were selfish enough to earn their success. Let us put this in perspective, there is not one country in the world, past or present that has become a world power or a leading free country by only being altruistic. Communistic countries are barely successful because they stifle the desire of hard working people to achieve their potential. America surpassed all of these because we embraced Free Enterprise. So who is being more selfish here? Is it the selfish people who want to earn their success by hard work, or those selfish people who expect to get something from those who are actually earning their own success? It is easy to say that both are being selfish, but each type is selfish for entirely different reasons and outcomes. If we look closely we can name these two types selfish behaviors. Let us call the hard working selfish people “selfworth” and we will call those who are selfish and expect it to come from others as “worthless.”

In the US there is less than 10 percent of the population who is not working because they just do not want to work. They refuse to work because there is always someone there to provide free things to them.  They know there are hard working people that will not let them starve so they take and take from the workers.  What a lot of people do not realize is when selfishness rules, there is an inherent problem that will eventually manifest itself in regards to these worthless people. This problem that occurs is innate within human nature and there is really no way to get around it. What starts out as a feeling of good when someone is getting something for nothing, eventually, they will come to despise those who are doing this for them. Eventually their feelings turn into hatred and possibly violence. Obama is trying to stoke and capture this frustration and use it to his political advantage. It is like the child who lives in the basement way past their 21st birthday. They have become dependent upon this and eventually will become hostile to those who are helping them live for free in the basement. As people, we can only accept a certain amount of free goodness before we push back against that which is being given. I know this may sound strange but it can be seen all the time and it is called “biting the hand that feeds you.” The worthless will rebel against those who are giving them everything, it just has not caught up to the Democrats yet, but it will eventually.

Selfworth people do not suffer from this affliction. The compensation they are receiving is in direct response to some amount of work they have already done and the reward is based upon them working for this compensation. There is a feeling of accomplishment one gets from work and then being paid for that work. Yes, the people who are working for compensation are working for a type of selfish reason. They want to get compensated for the effort they put forth. This is why they will not rebel like the worthless people because they are earning what they get. The only reason the selfworth people would “bite the hand” is when the government, who is not working, takes more and more from them, which gives them less and less. This means the government just takes more and more from those who are actually working so they can give it directly to those who are not working; i.e. giving their earned money to the worthless. How upset can you get if everything you earn is being given to those who refuse to work?

So, between now and the November 2012 election, we have to realize that Obama and the Democrats will make it a crime to be ‘selfish’ and they will put this into their own twisted terms. What they are really saying to all of us is “those who are selfworth owe those who are worthless.” They want us to believe those of us who are working are being ‘selfish’ and that those who are worthless, deserve a portion of what we earn. This message the Democrats are saying to us is ‘they have the ability to take away our earnings and give it to whomever they wish’ and they will give it to many different types of worthless people. For example, they will give our money to individual radicals who work closely with Obama, to groups who want to take down America like the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt and to a non-profit business in the US who kills thousands of African American babies each year in the name of compassion for helping women who live in poor neighborhoods.

It is time for us to decide what types of leaders we are going to elect into office in 2012. No matter who they are, they will be selfish, because frankly, we are all a little selfish. We have to be smart about whom we choose for office and we need to know which type of selfishness these political candidates are willing to support. The questions we have to ask is: ‘Will they be the type of politician who will support the worthless people or the selfworth people?’ And ‘Are these selfish politicians willing to get the government out of the way so the selfish working people of America can start to work again?’ Finally, my last question to you is “Which type of selfish Politician are you willing to elect into office in 2012?”