An ABC News/Washington Post poll recently conducted showed that if the 2012 Presidential Election was held today, Romney would be leading 49% to 45%. Pollster Gary Langer claimed support for Obama among registered voters has decreased 6 points from the 2012 election. Sean Hannity noted on his November 19th show that Obamacare was the primary reason for this significant drop. We’ve also seen Obama fall to his lowest approval ratings in his entire presidency over the past few weeks, and with no surprise, it is because of Obamacare and its disastrous train wreck.

I heard from many that one reason for Romney’s loss was not pressing enough on Obamacare, and I fully agree with that notion. In 2010, focusing on Obamacare and Republicans pledging to defund  it with the help of the Tea Party was the backbone behind the enormous GOP win, regaining the majority of the House.

We need to focus on Obamacare as the issue for 2014 if we want to win big, and to possibly take back the Senate. More than 5 million Americans have received cancellation notices for their healthcare plans, and the number will continue to increase by millions. This is 2013, but 2014 will really be the big blow for millions more of Americans when individuals with employer based healthcare start to see their cancellations.

Rush Limbaugh stressed several times on his radio show that a majority of individuals have their healthcare through their employer, and these employer based plans will face the cancellations, because of their requirement to comply with Obamacare. And Democrats cannot blame Republicans in any way, because not a single Republican voted for Obamacare in 2010.

We need to win at least 6 seats to win back the Senate majority, and over a dozen of the 21 Democratic seats up for re-election are looking very vulnerable with the healthcare disaster. However, we can’t let up one bit and keep pushing the fight against Obamacare and to tie the Democrats to this man-made disaster.

We’ve also learned that since July 2010, Obama knew, according to the federal registry, that over 100 million people would eventually lose their healthcare, with the 20,000 pages of regulations that insurance companies have to comply with. Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh have stressed this point countless times on their shows, as more Americans are getting furious with their cancelled plans and waking up from what they thought was a dream come true election in 2008.

Democrats have no way to spin this. They have no one to blame but themselves, and it looks very good for us in the 2014 midterms so far. However, Obama will continue using another strategy other than blaming others. It is called distraction. With the most recent deal with Iran, not only did I think it was a bad deal that gives Iran more time to build a nuclear weapon, but the deal is trying to be used as a distraction from the continuous harmful effects of Obamacare that is continuing to plague the entire country.

We need the ability to focus on all the issues and not let Iran distract us from Obama’s disaster and destruction he continues to bring. It is paramount to stay strong and never push Obamacare to the side, because it is the winning issue for us to win big next year. It was the issue that won big in 2010, so I see no reason why we shouldn’t focus on it as well for 2014.