In ruling on the constitutionality of Obamacare, the Supreme Court had an opportunity to take a stand for individual liberty over government coercion. But that is not what happened. Bowing to its time worn propensity for ignoring the 10th Amendment, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Obamacare and in so doing took a major step toward complete government control over the lives of American citizens. President Obama and his supporters are ecstatic over what they view as a win, but in reality the Supreme Court’s decision is a loss, a loss for all Americans—even those misguided individuals who support Obama.

Liberals and conservatives alike are surprised by the Court’s decision, as well they should be. If ever a slam dunk case for individual liberty came before the justices, this was it. Liberals who are now celebrating their “win” were actually preparing for a major loss. Ever since the Supreme Court agreed to hear the case, Democrat strategists have been hard at work preparing a plan for salvaging the election in November in spite of their expected loss in the nation’s highest court. Many Democrats were concerned that a loss in the Supreme Court would mean a loss in November. They need not have worried.

Conservatives, on the other hand, fully expected to win. Conservatives argued that if the federal government can force all Americans to buy insurance it can force them to do anything. The Democrat response to the conservative argument has been this: “So what. What’s wrong with the government being able to coerce Americans and control their lives?” After all, this is precisely what the left has been striving to achieve for decades.

In order to win the case, Obamacare advocates had to rely on getting the vote of at least one the more conservative justices. Those with the best imaginations crossed their fingers and hoped that justice would be Kennedy. Little did they know, suspect, or even hope that it would turn out to be Chief Justice Roberts who would desert conservative principles and vote with the leftwing of the Court.

President Obama is practically gleeful. It is not difficult to see that that the Court’s decision was a serendipitous event for him—he clearly expected to lose. However, he might want to hold off on gloating just yet. In a strange way the Supreme Court’s decision might turn out to be of greater benefit to Romney than to Obama. Why? Because one of Romney’s biggest challenges is convincing conservatives to support him in November.

Many conservatives planned to stay home in November rather than vote for a RINO. However, the Supreme Court’s unexpected decision might just change their attitudes about voting. Republicans have needed something to rally conservatives to the party, and the Supreme Court might just have given it to them by upholding a healthcare bill that will cripple an already struggling economy, killing jobs, and driving businesses off shore. In fact, one could be excused for wondering if the previously reliable Chief Justice didn’t go over to the dark side on purpose.