If you are a” baby boomer “(those born between 1946 and 1964 —I’m in the 1940’s bracket), do you remember growing up and constantly being bombarded by the media with each segment of your life and the impact the boomers would have on society then and in the future?


At a young age I heard my parents talk about how the local school district had to expand rooms in the schools to combat the demand for growth. All through those years mergers and new buildings were constructed to control the onslaught of the boomers. In the 1960’s colleges and universities were expanding.  Junior colleges suddenly became four year accredited schools.  Just about everything was growing to accommodate the rising numbers. Even encyclopedia companies were selling their books in high numbers.


Now the baby boomers are reaching retirement age and soon facing the inevitable  health problems that come with age.  What a great time to introduce Obamacare. Will Obamacare come to their rescue or not?  It sounds good on the surface but beware of one  of the many hidden agendas.


I have a  friend (only in his fifties) that has to have dialysis regularly because he lost both kidneys several years ago. He recently had to sign “quality of life” papers at the hospital where he receives regular treatments. After having no choice but to sign he realized he could be dead in three years if denied treatment. I am also hearing from reliable sources the same type of incident happening to a cancer patient. The hospital says they can assist the cancer patient but once it goes to a panel they are refused treatment. This same individual went to three different hospitals with the same result.


There are several agendas in Obamacare. Could the euthanasia of the baby boomers and the elderly be one of them? Why try to take care of useless members of society when they are a burden. Simply let the panels deny them treatment.  Sarah Palin was correct  when she talked about the “death panels.” Well it looks like they are already here and in place.  Does this sound familiar? Will history repeat itself again?


It has been reported recently that the Russian news media is now calling Obama a communist. With that bit of information take a look back to the 1930’s in the Soviet Union and check out the death orders inflicted on the Russian people by Joseph Stalin. Nearly three and a half million innocent people were deliberately put to death in the early 1930’s.  The total figure of civilians killed by Stalin is staggering. Millions more were executed and the deaths are still being calculated to this day because many files were left behind the iron curtain for decades. Remember that most of the Soviet killing took place in times of PEACE.


With that in mind, just beware that “a communist is living in the White House.