I just heard a Fox News Channel expert say that our president couldn’t help needling  John Boehner during the continuing resolution debate. If the Republicans had only gone along with his proposal, he advised, everybody would be focusing on the debut of State-controlled health care instead of on the Republicans and the shut-down.

Now Mr. Obama’s wish has come true. Everybody and his brother is focused on the Obamacare debut.

I suppose Obama believed that his hallmark legislation would emerge as a butterfly, a fitting tribute to his greatness, but instead it is one of the ugliest caterpillars I’ve ever seen. And it is a species that is unlikely to develop further. It will always be ugly and uglier. Every logical, normal, level-headed American knew in advance that what we were going to get from this so-called reform was a total lemon, and you didn’t have to read the 2000-page bill to know it. All you had to do was take a look at the public health care system in any other nation comparable to the US in size, population, and demographics. We are not Norway, Sweden or Luxembourg. We are far more similar to Russia and China. Those systems show us that socialized medicine provides a little bit to everybody, but not enough to keep life expectancy from falling. Not nearly enough to qualify as quality care. It is care that is often not timely – too many people to care for, too few doctors. It is care that is minimal offered by doctors with sub-standard training in comparison with today’s US physician. Infrastructure is crumbling and service is more than basic. If you go into the hospital, you have to bring all sorts of things, like food and linens and bandages and other things we consider essential parts of hospital care. The State cannot provide for such luxuries.

Setting aside for the moment what lies ahead for us, let’s consider what this current roll-out disaster tells us about our government. First of all, it tells us Obama is incompetent. What CEO rolling out a new signature product would be so disinterested he didn’t ask for daily updates on any problems or issues? Not one. Second, it is cast-iron proof that the tight-lipped and censorious Kathleen Sibelius is also incompetent – and who would have guessed? Her arrogance announces her superiority, mental and moral, to the little people she wants to protect. Now we know that one of two conditions exist: either Ms. Sibelius is a liar, and knew perfectly well the system was a disaster but did nothing to correct things or warn the people she doesn’t work for; or she didn’t care any more than her boss did about whether it worked or not. Which is it, Kathy? Are you criminally negligent or just stupid?

And while we are on the subject of Ms. Sibelius, I was utterly amazed by her statement that she doesn’t work for the people criticizing her. I love that concept – does it mean she only works for people who support her? Or does she mean that she doesn’t work for any of us mere citizens, but only for that mental giant, Barack Obama. Since three-fourths of Americans are criticizing her, I guess that means she doesn’t work for us. And that fits in perfectly with the ethos of this administration. They are the vanguard, we are the followers. They decide, we comply. The Congress is irrelevant, the Supreme Court usually is, as well, and don’t even ask what rights we the people have. Fewer and fewer. These elitists don’t answer to us, or think they answer to us, or want to answer to us. They have their own political system and ideology quite apart from the rest of us, and responsibility is only to the Top Dog. Like everybody in the Soviet Union owed all loyalty to Stalin. Or everybody in Germany owed all loyalty to Hitler. If you parse this politically, what you get is the template for tyranny. Obama and his advance men are doing what they deem to be for the common good. It’s just that voters don’t get a voice in it.

Back to Obamacare. I was getting my check-up with my hematologist just the other day and he said that United Health Care had just dropped his medical group. The medical group is one of the largest physician conglomerates in Florida specializing in blood disorders and cancer treatment. Their patients are mostly being treated for cancer. United, he added, had also cut off Moffitt Cancer Research Institute,a leader in cancer research and provider of life-saving treatment to people from all over the US. My doctor gets it – the government doesn’t care about cancer patients. They don’t care about killing them off. These old people cost too much to keep alive. I’m sure this applies to many other fields of care for people with grave illnesses or physical defects. It’s Open Season on the nation’s elders.

So now we have our health system deciding who lives and who dies, even though Kathleen Sibelius pretends that it is all a matter of chance: some live, some die. She forgot to add that the government would be putting a thumb on the scale. Under Obamacare, lots more are going to die until these Utopianists manage to thin the herd, so to speak. Euthanasia, meet health care. I guess then they will be pushing births, which is a lot harder to do. Just ask Vladimir Putin or any European leader looking to stave off the Moslem take-over.

My doctor also marveled at the stupidity of this entire health care reform, which can now claim to have given everybody health insurance but unfortunately cannot get them a doctor. I read that in Canada there is a year’s wait for a routine doctor’s appointment for new patients. How long will it be in the US? Many doctors are now reconsidering their continued participation in the public health system. They are opting to work as concierge physicians or researchers, or maybe they are thinking about getting out of Dodge while they can. Places like Costa Rica are jumping at the chance our deteriorating health care system offers them and working to establish health-care Meccas for international patients. No rules, nothing off-limits, nobody frowning at your age. I think it would be a good investment.

I hope with all my might that this entire socialized medicine scheme falls down around our ears. I get my excellent coverage from the federal government, and what that means to me is that I can lose it at any moment, as soon as the Federal Government decides it costs too much. And I can picture some young person 30 years from now being told he can’t get a medical appointment until three years hence and that when he does see a physician, or the closest approximation to one, any further care will be a long-shot. When the country becomes totally unproductive, health care will collapse along with everything else.

This is Mr. Obama’s legacy to America.