Though the number is estimated to eventually hit as high as 10 to 15 million, right now the number of insurance policies canceled due to ObamaCare is 5 million. Wednesday, the Obama administration claimed that 106,185 Americans enrolled in ObamaCare. Except, according to the White House, those are not actual enrollments. Some have not paid for but have only only “selected a marketplace plan.” Orwellian nonsense aside, that is still somewhere around a 50-to-1 ratio of cancellations to enrollees.

The question now is, will that gap ever close? Because if it doesn’t, at the end of the year, when those 5 million canceled plans expire, we are going to be living in a country where ObamaCare has actually increased the number of America’s uninsured.

The faulty website is not the Administration’s only problem with the millions who have had their plans cancelled. Eventually, the website will be fixed and those who want ObamaCare will be able to get it.

But how many of those 5 million will choose not to re-enroll, out of disgust and a sense of betrayal?

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