At thirteen, I started writing my novel. At fifteen, I was the youngest high school student in my Journalism class. I took every Creative Writing class I could get my hands on, in college. And, I read all the books on writing, publishing, and how to get a literary agent.

If I had to sum up all of my literary knowledge into one sentence it would be this: Show, don’t tell.

When you’re writing a story, you don’t say “Susan yelled at them.” You say, “Susan’s face scrunched up and her booming voice shook the room, while her dinner guests cowered in their seats.” When you’re trying to get a literary agent, you don’t say, “I wrote a really good book.” You send them a sample and let them see for themselves. Don’t sell your work – let your work sell itself.

This is what I thought about as I listened to conservative pundit after conservative pundit discussing Obamacare and the President’s new tactics to get young people on board with his law. He’s summoned the coolest celebrities to endorse it. He’s come out with a music video to make it sound cool…but is that really going to do it?

Okay, as a young 20something, I’ve got to say, that video was fantastically done, but even if I were an ill-informed hip-hop lover, once I got on the site and saw the pricetag, all the presidential “shizzle” in the world wouldn’t make me sign up for it. It’s just not a good deal. And, people my age may be impressed by Adam Levine and a well-done rap spoof, but that’s as far as it goes. Young people who don’t involve themselves in politics are just that – uninvolved. They want what they can get and if they’re not getting a good deal, they’re not going to bite. They’ll laugh at a well-done spoof video and that’s as far as it will go.

A few pundits on The Five have compared it to the iPhone. Does anyone need to see a billboard or a commercial in order to drive them to buy an apple product? No. We all want iPhones, because they are fantastic products. The fact that the Obama administration is putting so much effort into selling this “Affordable” care to young people who aren’t on board because of the high premiums, shows that the product is not good. It’s not anything that Obama promised it would be.

Show, don’t tell.

The website is still not working, and what does the White House say now? Basically – “Uh…uh…December 23rd….yeah, that’s the ticket!” Remember last month when November 30th was supposed to be the day?

Why isn’t all the Obamacare hooplah swaying the young people? Easy. Money. It’s not that millennials are suddenly informed. They’re not (well, some are – check us out at, it’s as simple as – we don’t have money.

We can’t buy something we can’t afford, and as it turns out, Obamacare is not affordable to the young – the people that Obama needs for his healthcare plan to succeeed.

If you ask me, it sounds like nobody really knows what they’re doing with this system. Remember the headline a few weeks ago about the guy who tried to sign up for Obamacare, and they wouldn’t cover his infant daughter, so he called the New York Post? Then, as soon as he called the Post, the Obamacare people called him back and basically said, “Ok, ok, we’ll cover your infant daughter.”

I heard another pundit recently, saying that America would be happy if Obama would humbly come forward and say, “Okay – it didn’t work. It’s a bad law. Let’s start over.” Sure, there’ll be lots of “I told ya so’s” floating around, but that is the smartest move Obama could make to save face. Left and right, America is not happy with this law. It’s not good for us. It hurts us, rather than helps us, and all the leftist supporters of it should listen to the voice of the people. You can’t have a healthcare system that nobody is buying into and the more that Obamacare is pushed on us, the more Obamabots are falling away and snapping into reality – realizing that the President misled us.

When it comes to finding a literary agent for my novel, I’ve got to be vigilant not to toot my own horn especially if I’ve got nothing to toot about. Rather, I need to impress the big shots with my work itself. Likewise, the Obamacare team needs to give the cheerleading a rest. If Obamacare really is as great as you’ve pumped it up to be, it’ll take off…