Rick Newman of Yahoo! Finance offers his solutions to “fix” ObamaCare in his November 6 column. In his opening statement, you will find all you need to know about how the media perceive its immovable status as law:

As clumsy as the launch of the Affordable Care Act has been, the law is here to stay. But its numerous provisions aren’t written in stone and President Obama himself has said he’s willing to change the law in the future in order to make it work better.

“Clumsy” doesn’t quite capture what the ObamaCare rollout has been, but this is what passes for harsh criticism among mainstream pundits. More correctly, the launch has been an incompetent and hopeless failure, and that fact is so obvious that Barack Obama, who is not known for his humility, has no other choice beyond admitting that he’s open and willing to make changes in his flagship legislation for it to “work better.”

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