Trying to delay the individual mandate is playing right into Obama’s hands.  He really doesn’t care one way or another.  As long as it does not appear that, the republicans had anything to do with the decision.  Obamacare was never meant to work, I don’t mean the web site, that’s probably just another example of CGI’s quality work, I mean the Obamacare system, as a whole was designed not to work.  The analogy of a train wreck has been properly used, with the cascading effect of damage that will occur.  Obama wants to delay the inevitable train wreck as long as possible.  However, not for the reasons you may think, it has been suggested he wants the delay to save face or in the hopes that it will all just work out.  No, he has known all along that it will not work.

The object is to delay the wreck until enough people are in the system.  Then they will assert that scraping the system would be disastrous.  They will insist that this is the case regardless of the true number involved they’ll lie.  At that time, a true single payer system will be the focus of the proposed solution to the problem.  This is the whole design of Obamacare, just a stepping-stone to a single payer system.

So, how do we fix this?  How do we get rid of this unreasonable yoke that is being placed on America.  Easy, put this train at full throttle and it can’t help but crash.  Instead of trying to delay the individual mandate, we should be pressing the court to declare Obama’s delay of the employer mandate unconstitutional.  Force this law to be enacted as passed by congress, which is exactly what the legal obligation is under the constitution.  Force it to be enacted with no exceptions, no waivers and no subsidies for congress.  President Obama does not have the authority to decide what part of this or any law will be enforced, delayed or suspended.  He is not above the law and he is not the law, but he is subject to the law.

If we force Obamacare to be enforced as written right now, on schedule, it will not survive.  They know this and will fight it all the way, right up to the point that they think they can sell that “it’s too big to fail” and must be fixed not repealed.  Of course, a single payer system will be the prescribed remedy.

I am not going to take time to rehash all the individual atrocities that are contained within this law; enough has been documented through the years.  Those that have trudged through this monstrosity of a law know the severity of the deception that has been perpetrated upon America.  This law will continue to be a drag on the economy.  It has eroded your freedom and contains intrusions into your privacy that have nothing to do with health.  It is all about control.

Abraham Lincoln was right when he said, “The best way to get a bad law repealed is to enforce it strictly.”