Kicking down obamacare.
Check it out:

Last fall, I compared the U.S. health care system to the game of Jenga – a tangle of layer-upon-interlocking-layer of inconsistent and half-baked policies and attempted reforms (or quick fixes to the unintended consequences of those half-baked policies and attempted reforms). But Jenga is also a metaphor for the reality that, administration triumphalism aside, Obamacare is only a few weak links away from collapsing.

My organization, the Competitive Enterprise Institute, is part of the team that is kicking loose those fragile Jenga pieces. In 2013, we helped file two major court challenges to the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act— Halbig v. Sebelius (now called Halbig v. Burwell) which is now in the D.C. Circuit, and another case in the Fourth Circuit. We expect rulings in these cases any day. As others have noted, the White House is nervous.

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