Since shortly after Obamacare came out, I’ve been expressing the opinion that it was intentionally designed to fail. Here’s the latest evidence –

By health insurance definition, a pre-existing health condition is one that existed a set period of time before the applicant applied for the policy, regardless of whether it was being actively treated or not. Often times these conditions are not the fault of the person applying for coverage, and I’ve always strongly felt that there needs to be viable options for these people. But very often, the health conditions that people have are DIRECTLY their own fault because of the bad habits they know they have yet keep on doing. And under Obamacare, these people will be charged the same premiums as those of us who are health conscious and rarely need medical treatment. Sorry – but I have a huge problem with that. People who get struck with conditions they didn’t actually strive to get, I empathize with them. But to those who knowingly, stubbornly went out of their way to get sick, shut up and pay for what you did to yourself. I shouldn’t have to help pay for your intentional indiscretions.

The latest nail in the healthy lifestyle coffin is this:
It was just discovered, according to Kevin Williamson with the National Review, under Obamacare’s DC czars, smoking will be considered a pre-existing condition, and therefore will not be charged any higher premiums than those who take great strides to live a healthy lifestyle. Liberal California and Connecticut agree, and expect others to follow suit.

As shown by the CDC, smoking is the leading CAUSE of sickness (aka pre-existing conditions) and death in this country. So those who are knowingly, willingly making themselves sick, causing more claims and therefore higher rate increases for all of us can just keep right on going, because WE will be charged extra to help support their blatantly unhealthy habits.

Smoking is no more a pre-existing condition than shooting heroin or smoking meth – unless of course you’re looking for inside ways to blow out the current healthcare system so you can say, “See, we tried to make it work with the insurance companies, but they failed – so now we have no choice but to step in and take over”. Tell me I’m wrong.
I’m headed to the gym…

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