In fact, Harry Reid had a filibuster-proof 60-vote majority in The Senate! Remember?

So what happened? ObamaCare happened.

Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (sounds funny now, doesn’t it?) thought she would go down in history as the greatest speaker ever (for me to poop on) if she could do what no other Democrat before her could do: Pass Socialized Medicine.

ObamaCare. Nobody read it, nobody wanted to. “We’ll see what’s in it after we…” force it on Americans who we know were solidly against it. Americans even desperately shoe-horned Scott Brown into Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat to be the deciding vote against it.

It took a lot of Democrat votes in deep blue Massachusetts to do that, by the way – but no matter – Pelosi and Reid got it to Obama’s desk by the slimiest and deceptive means possible. It was nothing short of criminal and certainly un-Constitutional.

But I guess they had naked Polaroids of Justice Roberts, because even after it was declared a tax that did not originate in the House – the Chief Justice appointed by GWB rewrote it and made it stick.

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