President Obama’s signature healthcare law is more unpopular than ever as officials prepare to implement its largest provisions, according to a new poll.

NBC News and The Wall Street Journal found that 49 percent of people call the Affordable Care Act a bad idea, while about four in 10 say they will be worse off under the law.

Thirty-seven percent call the reform a good idea. A plurality, 39 percent, said the law won’t make a difference to them, while 19 percent said it will leave them better off.

The figures reflect the strongest doubts about ObamaCare recorded since 2009, when NBC/WSJ first surveyed the question, and 2010, when Obama signed the bill into law.

The share of people who say healthcare reform is a bad idea has also risen since last year, when the Supreme Court ruled in favor of the law. In July 2012, 44 percent said the reform was a bad idea, while 40 percent said it was a good idea.

The next six months will be critical for the Obama administration as it struggles to meet several major deadlines, particularly the launch of the new health insurance exchanges.

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