Home sick. Laying in bed. Two calls from an “855″ number. I answer the third call which just came now. This is how the conversation went (some parts are redacted or paraphrased because I used cuss words in place of real words)

Navigator: Hello, my name is Crystal is this William ?

Me: Yes it is. Who’s this?

Navigator: Sir this call may be monitored or recorded for quality assurance is that acceptable to you?

Navigator: Sir do you still live on ?

Me: Maybe, who do you work for? I don’t play twenty questions with strangers

Navigator: Yes sir, I am from Outsourcing in New York City sir, I was wondering if you still live at ?

Me: I told you the first time, tell me what you want or I won’t tell you that

Navigator: Sir, have you ever considered that you might need affordable healthcare?

Me: Yes I have, that’s why I don’t live in Canada

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