Paul Ryan’s Obamacare ultimatum that his bill is our last chance to keep the “system” from collapsing, should encourage conservatives to resist it.

Paul Ryan has issued what amounts to an Obamacare ultimatum. Here’s how the Grabien News began their story (emphasis added):

Casting his ObamaCare replacement bill as the only chance to save America from a complete health-care collapse, Speaker Paul Ryan Sunday countered his conservative critics who say the bill fails to make good on Republicans’ promise to repeal ObamaCare.

“Understand the speaker’s plan doesn’t repeal ObamaCare,” a member of the House Republicans’ Freedom Caucus, Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio), said Sunday. “Even Charles Krauthammer said that, called it ObamaCare Lite, as you said earlier. It doesn’t bring down premiums and it doesn’t unite Republicans. So, why not do what we all voted for just 15 months ago, clean repeal, and then get focused and build some momentum to actually replace ObamaCare with something that’s going to bring down costs?”

Ryan said his bill, called the American Health Care Act, is in fact the only way to successfully repeal ObamaCare.  

“Look, when you are a governing party getting consensus among your wide, big-tent party, not — everybody doesn’t get what they want, but we are getting much better policy here,” the Speaker of the House said of his conservative critics. “Let me put it this way: Obamacare is collapsing. If we just did nothing, washed our hands of the situation, we would see a further collapse of the health insurance markets. So we feel an obligation to step in front of that collapse and replace this law with one that works, that has more freedom.”

Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) is another Republican critic of Ryan’s handling of ObamaCare’s repeal. He says Ryan’s bill makes the current problems in ObamaCare even worse, and is calling to slow down the process.

Paul Ryan’s response to Cotton’s suggestion that he “slow down” was that he has been working on his Obamacare replacement for six months. Working with whom? (Or maybe the more accurate question is: Working for whom?)

When the oil industry collapsed because of competition from shale oil, the impact for the majority of consumers was that the price collapsed. What is Paul Ryan suggesting would be different about the collapse of the system? The country is filled with doctors and hospitals that expect to make a living by treating patients. When Obamacare implodes, all those medical professionals are going to be desperate to find customers.

The process might be messy but it would be better than Obamacare Lite.

How did the promise to repeal and replace Obamacare become the obligation to rescue Obamacare?

Ryan also said, according to an update to the story, if his Obamacare replacement doesn’t pass, then there will be no tax cuts. Why? What would prevent the Republicans from lowering taxes?

It really seems like the Obamacare ultimatum is a strategy to intimidate us into submitting to Paul Ryan’s plan.

Nothing about this plan seems right. If Congress refuses to vote Ryan’s way and allows the system to collapse, the nation will be better off.