A funny thing happened along the way to the Democrats’ health care utopia. The stubbornly inescapable and elegantly simple Stein’s Law, named for the late economist Herbert Stein, kicked in with a vengeance: “Things that can’t go on forever, don’t.” Collecting 10 years of revenues for every five years of expenses can’t go on forever, and now even HHS admits there is “no viable path forward” for the CLASS Act. Despite HHS’ fatal prognosis for the program, it wants to keep the program on the books anyway so at some point it can attempt a resurrection. Classless.

“No viable path forward.” Remember that phrase because you’ll be hearing it more often as the rest of Obamacare faces its own day of reckoning with Stein’s Law. The CLASS Act collapse is a harbinger of things to come.

Obamacare will not survive. Even if this ill-conceived law does somehow miraculously withstand the potent legal and political challenges, it cannot survive the unforgiving laws of economics. So when the president forces an unconstitutional law on the nation against the clear will of the majority of Americans and it is proving itself to be wholly unsustainable, there’s really only one conclusion you can reach about Obamacare: “No viable path forward.”

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