Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius recently announced she’ll be highlighting rate hikes on a taxpayer-funded website, bringing the weapon of shame to bear on insurers who raise their prices too much for the administration’s liking.

Insurers that raise rates by 10 percent or more in any year will be forced to make a public case for their reasons for doing so, on the government Web site. Although some states have posted or released the results of rate reviews, Sebelius’ website will, she claims, weed out “unjustified” rate hikes which, in her words, go toward “advertising or big CEO salaries.”

Sebelius’s approach is much the same as in Massachusetts, where “emergency” regulations put in place by Democrat Gov. Deval Patrick sparked a court battle after his insurance department denied 235 of 274 increases proposed by insurers.

The obvious aim of the Obama administration’s project is to shame insurers who have to raise rates in order for their policies to make economic sense after filling all of Obama’s requirements, in order to keep from going out of business.

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