This year’s speech is unlikely to lay out a realistic agenda, or motivate America to suddenly start trusting the President who promised we could keep our private health insurance.

Will he pivot (again) to job creation? Will there be another major, and unattainable, goal set forth tonight? Will President Barack Obama call on Congress for “bipartisanship”? Well… Yeah. In fact, I have been told by very dependable sources, that Obama’s teleprompter will randomly jumble together “highlights” from past speeches for this year’s State of the Union. And, assuming the word corpsmen is spelled out phonetically, everything should run smoothly.

Our cut-and-paste President is expected to underscore his desire to act imperially without the cumbersome process of representative government. He is expected to “address” the income inequality that got worse under his watch. And he’s expected to address some of the tremendous benefits of Obamacare without mentioning higher premiums, dropped coverage, the $325 individual mandate tax, or increased bureaucracy.

So, yeah… You won’t be missing a whole lot while you are catching up on Dexter-reruns rather than watching the President repeat his Orwellian promises for the umpteenth time. The truth is, you will probably find more passion and honesty from a show about a serial-killing-forensic-investigator than from the President’s teleprompter.

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