“One of the sad signs of our times is that we have demonized those who produce, subsidized those who refuse to produce, and canonized those who complain.”  This quote is from Dr. Thomas Sowell, one of the leading conservative voices extant.  It accurately portrays in just one sentence what I call Obama’s America.  In the America President Obama seeks to establish, the principles of our Founders are turned upside down or simply cast aside as if they no longer matter.   Those founding principles I refer to include limited government, low taxation, a free-market economy, individual liberty, personal responsibility, Constitutional sovereignty, love of country, and patriotism. In the limited space available for this article, I summarize what has happened to just a few of these principles in Obama’s America.

In Obama’s America, limited government is replaced by an enormous governmental monolith that intrudes into and eventually controls every aspect of our lives.  Government of the people, by the people, and for the people becomes government of the political elites, by the political elites, and for the political elites.  In an America run by political elites, government officials think they can do a better job of spending your money than you can.  These all-knowing leftwing politicians maintain their control over the country by making sure the majority of Americans depend on government entitlements for their daily sustenance.

In Obama’s America, low taxation is replaced by job-killing, freedom choking, liberty suppressing, all-encompassing taxation.  The Obama tax structure is even more burdensome than it appears in theory because the practical reality is that less than half of Americans pay taxes.  In other words, half of the people have to pay enough to support all of the people—and they are given no choice in the matter because the unproductive non-paying majority has more votes than the productive paying minority.

In Obama’s America, there is no free market.  Government is the driver of the economy and it eventually drives the economy—and the country along with it—into bankruptcy.  Obama and leftwing elites think only of today.  They not only refuse to consider the future of America, they do not care about it.  As government grows in Obama’s America, individual liberty shrinks.  The goal of Obama and his fellow leftwing elites is to eventually eliminate individual liberty altogether because Americans who are allowed to think and act independently of government are a threat.

In President Obama’s America, personal responsibility is a thing of the past.  Americans are encouraged to blame other Americans for their problems.  Liberal elites such as Barack Obama retain their strangle hold on power by adeptly deflecting blame when their policies visit misery on hardworking Americans.  They encourage Americans to think of themselves as members of racial groups with hyphenated names.  Then they use race baiting and class envy to alienate the groups, turning them against each other instead of the government that is the real source of their misery.  In this way, when the situation gets bad enough the people will welcome the government’s freedom-stifling intervention.

In President Obama’s America, politicians maintain their grip on the power and perquisites of office by creating a permanent underclass made up of people who depend directly on government entitlements in every aspect of their lives.  In other words, in Obama’s America poverty, helplessness, and victimhood are not just acceptable, they are desirable and are to be passed from generation to generation in an unbroken cycle.  This is Obama’s America.  Welcome to it.